7 Common Myths about SSC CHSL Exam

Don’t let these rumours resonate in your head

As notified by the Staff Selection Commission on its website the Tier I Exam will be conducted from 1st July to 26th July 2019. Being such a popular exam and the number of higher secondary scholars increasing day by day there is always ‘small talk’ regarding the exam. 

However, not all may be true. There maybe lots of rumours flying around that may distract you from your goal. What are these and to cope with them? Read along and get to know 7 myths about the SSC CHSL Exam.

It is too easy

Just because it is an exam conducted after 10+2, does not mean it is an easy exam. The syllabus for General Awareness Section is vast enough. Maths, though being of 10th level involves much more practice to understand the framing of the questions .

Government jobs are permanent. Once a clerk, Always a clerk. No promotions

While the jobs under CHSL ensure job security of the level that no other industry can offer, there is always scope for progress. Whether it be increment in salary that is annual, via a hike by pay commison or promotion although it is a quiet slow process.

Coaching is mandatory

Coaching is always helpful in preparation. You get know the where you stand in the competition and receive regular guidance.However it is not an absolute necessity. Everything that a coaching has to offer is available online . Online video turorials, mock test practice and statistical evaluation of your results is now available at your doorstep.

Try our Owntv platform to understand how online preparation works.

You need much advanced knowledge for CHSL

The Staff Selection Commission clearly states that the level of Quantitative Aptitude will be upto 10th class only. Not only that, the level of English Section will be of 10+2 level. However the framing of questions is twisted and clarity of concepts is the utmost requirement for solving such questions.

Shortcuts and tricks are necessary for Quantitative Section

Tricks are meant for reducing the amount of time you spent on a question and utilize it to attempt other questions thus maximizing your overall score. But let me warn you that before applying any tricks you need the understand the question first which requires clarity of concepts. Otherwise a single twist in the framing of question may lead to wrong answer.

Questions from the previous year papers are repeated in the subsequent exams

Ascertaining previous year papers is good for understanding the pattern of questions . Some changes are observed in the pattern over the years, but similar questions are also visible. However, questions from the previous year are not repeated in the exam. Each year the commission prepares a new set of questions though they might be related to the ones from the past.

You must be a typing wizard or be practicing for years to clear the Tier III Exam

Average but efficient typing is required for clearing the Tier III typing test necessary for certain posts like Sorting Assistant, Postal Assistant etc. Practice does make you better at typing by increasing your speed. However it is not a necessity. Accuracy is an important aspect of exam.

Hope our article brings a smirk on your face the next time you hear these rumours flying around. Don’t let anything doubt your own self. Best of luck for your exams.

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