History of April 4: What all happened on this day?

Historical Significance of April 4 & take a look the events happened on this day

Every day has some historical significance in history. To know what has happened on 4th April here is the chronological order of global historic events.


Frances Drake an English sea captain and the most renowned seaman, of the Elizabethan era, completes circumnavigation of the world. In 1577, Drake was chosen as a leader of an expedition intended to pass around South America and to explore the coast that lay beyond. The expedition was backed by the Queen herself.


The territory of Orleans became the 18th state and became known as Louisiana


It was The Congress who passed the Flag Act of 1818, which turned the flag design to 13 stripes and 20 stars for 20 states.  At present, there are 50 stars on it’s the flag.


The 9th president of The US. President Willian Henry Harrison became the first president to die in the office just a months after being sworn in shortest tenure any president has served. He died of Typhoid and pneumonia.


The US Senate voted 82-6 to declare war and entered into world war I, on Allied side


Field Marshal Erwin Rommel a German general and military theorist popularly known as the desert fox captures the British held town of Benghazi in North Africa.


Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. an American civil rights leader was fatally shot at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis. He was rushed to the St. Joseph’s Hospital where he died at 7:05 pm


Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was assassinated. Bhutto served as 9th prime minister of Pakistan from 1973-1977 and prior to that as the 4th president of Pakistan.

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The list of events that happened in India on this day

1951: West Germany established full diplomatic relations with India

1962: martial law is declared in Calcutta this day, after the communal fight between Hindus and Muslims. Reportedly 30 people died 200 injured and 1000’s rendered homeless on that riot.

Many great Indian celebrities were born on this day

Parveen Babi: Born in a Muslim family Parveen Babi is the most loved actress. She has worked in 13 movies with Amitabh Bachchan some of them are Amar Akbar Anthony, Kaalia, etc.

Gurmukh Singh: is a Singer, songwriter and actor. He was born at Rurka Kalan Jalandhar Punjab. He has contributed a lot to the Punjabi music industry. Gurmukh made his singing debut in 2010.

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