Aarogya Setu- a helpful application that can help you to trace and identify COVID-19 patients

Govt of India made Aarogya Setu; a GPS and Bluetooth base smartphone application for citizens.

On April 2, National Informatic center working under the Ministry of Electronics and Information technology has developed an application which can alert users whenever they came in contact within 6 feet of a Covid-19 infected person.

How does Aarogya Setu work?

The Application will be tracking your surroundings as long as you are sharing your GPS location. It is based on GPS and Bluetooth. So, to make it work effectively one has to share his GPS location to get the accurate information.

The best things about the application is that it has a direct access to the government database of known Covid-19 infected persons. So, with the help of GPS, it directly notifies you if you anyhow came in close proximity of a infected person.

The app is also providing you a chatbot option; a comprehensive guide which gives you a full information about this pandemic ie, symptoms, and you can get answers regarding any query related to Covid-19.

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The application is available in 11 languages, with an aim to make it accessible and easily working so that large number of people can use it.

How to use the App

This app has been designed very user-friendly with a very simple user interface. Once you download the app, you have to choose the language which is convenient to you and have to undergo a small registration process.

Is there any chances of privacy violation?

The information you share goes to the government database and can’t be shared with anyone. If privacy Policy it has been clearly stated in the privacy policy terms that the information will not be disclosed to large public or with any third party at any time. Also the privacy of the Covid-19 patients will not be disturbed.

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The main purpose of this application is to stop spreading this pandemic by keeping people aware if they are in proximity of a Covid-19 patient.

This application can be of great help to stop spreading this pandemic which has claimed thousands of lives and has affected the world economy. So we request all the citizens of India who have a smartphone to download this application and help the government to curb this disease.

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