History Of 23rd December – Interesting Events Of This Way

Some Of The Notable Events That Took Place On 23rd Of December

Kisan Diwas In India

·  National Farmer’s Day also commonly known as Kisan Diwas is celebrated in India in remembrance and honor of Chaudhary Charan Singh, who being born into a farmers’ family, was committed to the wellbeing of the farmers’ community. The government decided to celebrate his birth anniversary as Kisan Diwas in 2001.

(Chaudhary Charan Singh, the former Prime Minister of India) 

· National Farmer’s Day or Kisan Diwas is celebrated in India on every 23rd December to mark Chaudhary Charan Singh’s birth anniversary.

(National Farmers Day/Kisan Diwas; Salute To All The Farmers For Their Hard Work and Efforts) 

· Chaudhary Charan Singh was the former Prime Minister of India. He passed away in the year 1987 and served his term from July 1979 to January 1980.

· He introduced a number of bills and played a significant and leading role in the welfare of farmers. While serving his tenure he introduced a number of policies to ameliorate the living conditions of all the farmers in India and thus, to pay him a tribute and honor his efforts the Indian government decided to celebrate National Farmer’s Day on his birth anniversary.

· Considering his commitment to the agricultural sector and his efforts for the welfare of farmers, Chaudhary Charan Singh’s memorial which is located in New Delhi is called the Kisan Ghat.

(Kisan Ghat, The Memorial Of Chaudhary Charan Singh)

· Various conferences, seminars and workshops related to agriculture are held on every Kisan Diwas.

(If You Ate Today, Thank A Farmer) 

23rd December, 1913 – Establishment Of The Federal Reserve System

·  President Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of the United States, signed the Owen-Glass Act on December 231913 which created the Federal Reserve System of about twelve districts creating an independent organization of the United States government.

(President Woodrow Wilson, The 28th President Of The United States of America) 

· Earlier, when the Federal Reserve System had not started it’s functioning, the bank’s in the United States functioned in a divergent way which in not less that 40 years eventually led to financial crisis in the United States.

· The Federal Reserve System was formed and brought into action in order for the United States of America to have an independent banking system. The major responsibility of the system was to ensure sufficient circulation of currency and production of money, monitor the credit availability and also to fix the rates of interest.

(The Federal Reserve System) 

23rd December, 1783 – George Washington Resigned His Commission

· On 23rd December, 1783, George Washington resigned from the Continental Army as the Commander in Chief marking the end of his service in the American Military, during a meeting of the Continental Congress in Annapolis in the Maryland State House.

https://nationalinterest.org/sites/default/files/main_images/George_Washington_-_by_Gilbert_Stuart_-_c._1821_-_National_Gallery_of_Art%2C_Washington_DC.jpg (George Washington)

· A while after the end of the war by the Treaty of Paris and after the British troops left New York City, George Washington resigned his commission on 23rd December in 1783, following which, he bid farewell to his fellow officers and the Continental Army.

· John Trumbull also created a life-sized painting, in 1824, depicting George Washington’s farewell and resignation and the painting is now kept in the United States Capitol rotunda and is named ‘General George Washington Resigning His Commission’.

(A Painting Depicted By John Trumbull)

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