7 Life Mantras that can help you prepare better for exams!

7 Powerful Mantras that can keep you at peace

Everybody dreams of a healthy lifestyle and spends some great hours in figuring out the issues that trouble them. Be it health, mind, anger management, and multiple similar issues. Some strive every minute to find a moment of happiness. Be it any competitive exam or life itself all you need is peace to perform better. Here we have compiled a list of 7 life mantras that can help you in both the ways.

With the passage of time, our eating and sleeping habits have changed. Junk food has taken a toll on health which leads to many other health issues. A healthy mind and a healthy body both are required for better outcomes. As a student, you need to practice it so that you can focus & stay healthy too.

“What we eat is used to impart energy.” This is true to some extent but we are just adding an extra layer of junk and fat over our body. To counter this we have some great mantras that can change your life and will come in the vicinity of what you have desired for you. Without further ado, here we go!

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1. Balance your Diet

We are reading this since our childhood to include every diet in our meal, be it Fats, Protein, Carbohydrates, or Fibers, but we have never inculcated these items in our regular diet. It is advised to include every item in the proper ratio and quantity.  A perfect diet contains all the necessary items that are used in muscle formation and so the entire body.

2. Invitation to Happiness

Taking tension on petty things and overthinking has become an integral part of our lives. We are stuck so much in daily routine that we have forgotten to smile. As they -there is no tax on smiling!! Wear it often and you will see how your life changes.

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3. Anger Management

Anger is the sole cause to destroy anything associated with the mind. Anger and mind cannot be best friends. If there is anger in mind, it cannot be relaxed, the mind works in a very regular pattern so if something is not delivered to mind at a specific time, Anger wires start to contract and results in the infuriation of the person.

4. Be active and in regular motion

When the body is in motion, the mind becomes active and if the body is not moving, the mind starts to work slowly. Doctors recommend doing some physical exercise or doing anything which involves the complete body movement. When the body is in motion the circulation of blood reaches the mind on time which further reduces the stress-causing agents.

5. Excess loading or Intoxication

We have a set of segments that our body or mind can tolerate. So if we disorient the pattern by overeating or eating in a lesser amount that the mind is used to with then the result will be foreseen on the health in adverse ratios including health issues and various diseases. The intoxication of alcohol or any other substance harms the health that the body cannot accept and results in variable changes.

6. See the Glass as full

This is a popular saying that as if there is a glass with half water, pessimist people will think that the glass is half empty but an optimistic person will always think the glass is half full, and here arises a very clear difference. You should be confident, optimistic, and good decision-maker. The way we think, our mind responds in a similar way.

7. Retrospection and Introspection

These might be very hard looking words but they have a very good and clear meaning. Retrospection is something where you realize what you have done throughout the day, be it positive with someone or negative with something. Introspection can be related to a common term for self-talking. If you get to know what mistakes or good things you have committed in the entire day, will be a gift to your mind in a very positive way.

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