How to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude (Mathematics) for SSC CGL 2019?

A Complete  Guide to Prepare Mathematics for SSC CGL 2019

Quantitative Aptitude is one of the most interesting yet difficult sections of the SSC CGL exams. Every year, thousands of applicants take the exam, but only a few candidates clear it. Mathematics is one such section that can make a difference in your result. In the previous article, we had discussed in detail, what are the exam pattern and the number of tiers in the SSC CGL Exam. So, the first paper of the tier 2 exam is of quantitative analysis. To clear this section, you need good knowledge and practice of basic Mathematics.

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Here are some tips you should follow to score well in your quantitative aptitude

1. Know Your Exam Pattern

Before starting with the preparations, the very first thing, you should know is the pattern of your exam. So, below is the exam pattern of SSC CGL 2019 –

  • No. of questions: 25
  • Total marks: 50
  • Marks per correct answer:2
  • Negative Marking for incorrect answer: 0.5

2. Know Your Syllabus

The next step you need to do to before starting with the preparation is to know the syllabus. Awareness of the syllabus is highly important to start with the preparation. Here is the syllabus of Quantitative analysis for SSC CGL 2019. 

· Percentage

· Interest (Simple Interest & Compound Interest)

· Profit & Loss

· Ratio and Proportion

· Number System

· Average

· Time and Work

· Mixture & Allegation

· Pipes & Cisterns

· Partnership

· Time & Distance

· Boats & Streams

· Train

· Geometry

· Mensuration

· Indices and Surds

· Algebra

· Trigonometry

· Stats and DI

· Data Interpretation

3. Learn Squares, roots, cubes and multiplication values

So, the first step of your preparation should be learning the multiplication table, squares, roots and cubes till 20. This will help you in solving the long calculations easily. While doing arithmetic calculations, this will help you in solving the questions easily and timely. 

4. Learn and follow BODMAS

The bracket of Divide Multiply Add Subtract, this is what BODMAS says. A lot of questions of arithmetic will create trouble for you if you don’t understand how to apply BODMAS. Also, you definitely will not be able to solve if you don’t know the BODMAS and you might end up getting a false answer.

5. Polish you mental Maths and Practice

The exam will not serve you with simple questions, the answer to which you will get easily. You will have to figure out the trick. Just learning formula will not be of much help. You should improve your command on Mental Mathematics. Also, practice is the key. Practice as much as you can. Solve at least 3 questions of a similar type to understand the patterns of the question. 

So, these are some basic tips we will give you to understand the pattern of the exam and how to prepare for the exam. We will suggest you practice enough for this section because if your tire 2 is highly dependent on this section. We wish you good luck for your exams

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