COVID 19 Outbreak: how to study at home during coronavirus lockdown

Online education is an option for students to cope up with the losses due to the corona pandemic!

With the outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19) the life has come to a standstill. Not a single area is left untouched. All the countries are worried and are taking measures to stop it from spreading. Many countries have put a restriction on movement and some areas have been completely locked down.

The impact of this pandemic is very severe. It has hit every sphere of daily life, Business, Social life and so on and education is no exception in it.

On precautionary measures in many countries schools’ colleges and Universities have been closed with the fear of COVID-19.  India has also followed the suit and ordered to close all educational institutions as a precautionary measure as well as for the safety of children, who are believed to be more prone to this deadly virus.

Students are advised to study at home, which is also difficult as they might not be able to study whole concepts that too all their own and need the assistance someone. Parents are afraid of sending their children out to meet their classmates so that they can help each other out.

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Libraries Closed

Almost all public libraries are closed in the country by now leaving students with little avenues at their disposal. Libraries could have been a good resource to compensate for the students are facing.

Psychological pressure

Social isolation and remaining aloof is impacting students psychologically. They are worried about covering their academic session on time. However, many educational institutes have initiated online sessions through many different platforms so that students did not compromise their studies.

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