How You Can Prepare SSC CGL with Study Materials?

Tips & Tricks to prepare for SSC CGL 2019

The books mentioned in the article are standards of the industry that have been recommended by students themselves, who have cracked the exam and industry experts/tutors who have taught them. This article also recommends how to use them.

The Staff Selection Commission Combined Graduate Level Exam can be classified as follows:

Tier I:- 

  1. English Language and comprehension
  2. Numerical  Aptitude
  3. General Intelligence and Reasoning
  4. General Awareness

English Language

This section tests the proficiency of a candidate in English. Questions are based on Spotting Errors in sentences, misspelt words, idioms, and phrases, substitution of words, etc. In accordance with the topics given above, some of the most preferred books for SSC CGL are:

  • English Grammar and Composition by Wren and Martin and Key to Wren and Martin (contains answers to the exercises given in the book)

This is one of the most popular and evergreen books when it comes to practicing the rules of grammar. The theory is short and precise. Chapters are divided into topics for ease of understanding and questions for practice.

  • English for General Competitions by Ms. Neetu Singh

This book has been written by the Ms. Neetu Singh, Director of KD Campus. It is a comprehensive one that covers all the topics plus exercises. It is divided into two volumes. It has been written from CGL point of view hence, is a must for both Tier I as well as Tier II exams.

  • Objective General English by S.P. Bakshi

This book mainly covers the vocabulary part of the section. It lacks on the other fronts such as grammatical aspects.

  • Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis

The book is broadly divided into three sections. The first one deals with making the reader aware of new words, spelling, and pronunciation. Then he is made familiar with the correct usage of words in sentences and confusions that arrive with the use of words. Correct use of Diction, idioms, and phrases is taught using examples. Plus review exercises are given at the end of each lesson for practice.

Tip: Choose one of the books (preferably English Grammar and Composition by Wren and Martin) to understand the basic aspects of grammar. Then go for CGL  targeted practice using English for General Competitions by Ms. Neetu Singh. Recommended for Tier I English section, tier 2 paper: English language and comprehension.

Refer to Own TV App or Website for overall revision and mock test practice.

Numerical Aptitude

This section tests the handling of numbers by the candidates’ word problems based on various topics like Percentages, Ratio, and Proportion, Averages, Interest, Profit and Loss are covered. When it comes to quantitative aptitude practice is the key. The more you prepare, there would be chances of scoring well. 

  • Advance Maths by Rakesh Yadav

The book has been written by SSC mathematics guru Rakesh Yadav himself and is made for practice and practice only. With 7300+ questions written in bilingual form (English and Hindi) it is more than enough to cover all type of questions that can come in the exam.

  •  Magical Book on Quicker Maths by M Tyra 

The book mainly contains shortcut methods that are very popular among candidates. However, you need to keep in mind that short cut methods can save a lot of time which is an important factor but an in-depth knowledge of a concept is required.

  • Quantum CAT by Sarvesh Verma

 This is a complete book for SSC exams considering the tier II exam as well as SSC CGL (other exams as well). Clarity of concepts is must in order to score well in SSC since only mugging up formulae won’t work. Although the difficulty level of questions are above SSC as it is meant for CAT aspirants follow the book if you want to take ITI or Excise Inspector, MEA, etc in SSC CGL.

  • YouTube Videos

Plenty of youtube videos are available across many channels (by Khan Academy, Rakesh Yadav, etc) covering various topics related to questions based on mathematics. Various free and paid lecture videos are available on the own tv platform(website and app). Video lectures are also available on their Own TV App & Website on various topics.

  • Rakesh Yadav pen drive classes

All the lectures of Rakesh Yadav are available in the form of videos saved in a pen drive that can be delivered to the candidate when bought from its official website.

Tip: Cover all the topics by watching youtube videos/pen drive videos of Rakesh Yadav associated with them. Then practice using Advance maths by Rakesh Yadav in its entirety. This is sufficient enough for cracking CGL. Additionally, refer to Own TV App or Website for mock tests and lectures on various topics.

General Awareness

  • Lucent’s General Knowledge

This is the holy bible of General Knowledge for SSC and other government exams(all of them). It is the only book that covers SSC related general knowledge in its entirety. Any candidate aspiring for CGl must cram the whole book verbatim.

  • Manorama Yearbook (Available in both English & Hindi)

Manorama yearbook is an annually compiled magazine that covers current affairs across various genres and geographies like sports, medicine, history, technology, etc.

  • NCERT books

Books of NCERT-Science (class 9th and 10th), Political science, history, economics, disaster management, geography (class 9th to 12th) are one of the best sources of authentic information regarding general knowledge.

Tip: Read a single topic daily and revise it the next day. Revise whatever you have read at the end of every weekend or go through it whenever you are free to keep it on tips. Solve mock test papers and quizzes available at Own TV App and Website online to check your knowledge.

General Intelligence and Reasoning

General Intelligence and reasoning section include questions of both verbal and non-verbal type like analogies, problem-solving, analysis, relationships, pattern identification, etc. The standard books that you can refer to for this section are:- 

  • A Modern Approach to Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning by RS Aggarwal

Another prominent maths book by RS Aggarwal this time for CGL and other competitive exams. Adhere to this book in the SSC segment for reasoning. The book is cut out for general intelligence section. There are plenty of questions for practice in each chapter but you need to avoid the difficult questions at the end of a chapter since these are mostly out of context when looking through SSC standard.

  • Analytical Reasoning by M K Pandey

This book covers almost all the topics that come in the General Intelligence section of SSC Examinations. There is no dearth of practice as well if you go through this book.

  • Study material of various coaching institutes

Many coaching institutes prepare their own material in accordance with the CGL exam. They are easily available for purchase at the institute themselves or online. 

Tip: Choose one of the books (preferably A modern approach to verbal and non-verbal reasoning).Go through the entire book covering one topic at a time. Also, refer to Own TV App or website for lectures on various topics. Look for shortcuts on the internet on how to solve a particular type of question practice using mock tests available on Own TV App or Website.

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