Important Jargons related to Population

List of Important Jargons related to Population

We are the citizens of the 2nd most populous country in the world and often population is one of the most important topics that we all discuss.  So today we will get to know about a few important terminologies that are related to the population, but we are hardly unaware of them. These are the basic terms we get to read in newspapers but we don’t know their actual definition or meaning.

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Population– When an area is occupied by the individuals of same species at a given time then that group of individuals is termed as population.

Population Density- When we talk about the number of individuals present per unit area in totality, it’s called population density. In other words, we can define as the measurement of population per unit area or per unit volume.

Natality – When the population or number of individuals in the given population by birth registers/records an increase, we call it Natality. In simpler terms, we can say it is the increase in population by birth.

Mortality- The decrease recorded in the number of the population because of deaths at a given point of time under the given environmental condition is termed as Mortality. It is the decrement in the population due to death.

Environmental Resistance- It refers to those environmental factors which keep a check on the growth of population.

Mutualism- It can be defined as that functional association among different species where both the species enjoy the benefit.

Commensalism- It refers to that association among individuals of different species where one is benefitted and others neither enjoy the benefit nor the loss, in the sense, it remains unaffected.

Population Explosion- If in a relatively short span of time population size increases in a dramatic way, then it’s often termed as Population Explosion.

Demographic transition- It can also be termed as the zero population growth. It is that condition where there is no difference in birth rate and death rate means where birth rate equals death rate and because of it, there is no growth in the population.

Biosphere- It is the area of the surface, the atmosphere of the earth, the region where life exists. It is the space that retains life in any form.

Closed Population- It is the population recorded with no changes due to migratory flow either in or out, so that different population size occurs only through births and deaths.

Population Momentum- Population momentum is the tendency for population growth to continue beyond the time that replacement-level fertility has been achieved.


We know that increasing population is among one of the major problems in modern society in the world. But everything in this world his its own pros and cons. India has the maximum number of youths who can contribute a lot to the nation.  Helping India to become one of the most powerful nations in the world.

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