28th July History and Timeline

What happened on 28 July? History and famous personalities

Everything that happened on 28 July is highlighted in the blog below. What were the major events and challenges of this day? Who all people gave their contribution?

History- International 


2012 – First Gold of the London Olympic Games Won

On July 28, 1921, China’s Yi Siling won the first gold of the London Olympic Games in the Women’s 10m Air Rifle competition.

2005 – IRA Announces End of Armed Struggle

On July 28, 2005, the Provisional Irish Republican Army call an end to their thirty-year long armed campaign in Northern Ireland.

1976 – Tangshan Earthquake in China

On July 28, 1976, Tangshan Earthquake, 8.2 in magnitude kills over 240,000 Northern China in the largest loss of life from an earthquake in the 20th century.

1945 – Plane Crashes into Empire State Building

On July 28, 1945, a B-25 Mitchell bomber crashes into the Empire State Building killing 14 people caused by heavy fog.

1914 – First Declaration of War of WWI

On July 28, 1914, Austria-Hungary decides against mediation and declares war on Serbia within one month countries across Europe had formed alliances and declared war on other alliances.

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Births- International 

Composer Charles Lucas

On July 28, 1808, Charles Lucas, an English composer, cellist, conductor, and publisher was born. Lucas’s compositions included three symphonies, overtures, string quartets, anthems and songs.

Novelist Malcolm Lowry

On July 28, 1909, Malcolm Lowry, an English poet and novelist was born. He is best known for his novel ‘Under the Volcano’.

Cricketer Paul Strang

On July 28, 1970, Paul Strang, a Zimbabwean cricket coach and a former international player was born. A leg-spinning all-rounder.

Actor Michael Hitchcock

Born on July 28, 1958, Michael Hitchcock, an American actor, comedian, screenwriter, and television producer was born. He is the writer and executive producer on seasons of the CW television series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

History- Indian


2017 – Mohamed Haneef freed

On July 28, 2017, Mohamed Haneef, an Indian doctor was freed from custody after Australia’s chief prosecutor said that a charge linking him to failed terrorist bombings in Britain was a mistake.

2007 – Eight Protestors killed

On July 28, 2007, in southern India police shot dead at least eight protestors after a political demonstration turned violent and protestors burned furniture in a government office in a small town in Andhra Pradesh state.

2005 – Lal Krishna Advani charged in court

On July 28, 2005, opposition leader Lal Krishna Advani was charged in court with inciting religious riots that triggered the razing of a mosque in 1992 and left thousands dead.

2005 – Explosion on a passenger train

On July 28, 2005, an explosion on a passenger train in northern India killed two people and injured at least 20 others.

1998 – Explosion Rips Power Plant

On July 28, 1998, explosions at the coal-fired generating plant of Southern Energy Co. in Hammond that injured 16 people.

1994 – Raid in camp by Naga militants 

On July 28, 1994, 10 people died in a seven-hour gun battle when Indian police raided a camp run by Naga militants.

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Births- Indian

Actor Rahul Bose

On July 28, 1986, Dulquer Salmaan, an Indian film actor, playback singer and film producer was born.  He predominantly works in Malayalam language films and also worked in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi language films.

Actress Huma Saleem Qureshi

On July 28, 1986, Huma Saleem Qureshi, an Indian film actress and model was born. She has received three Film fare Award nominations.

Writer Hiren Bhattacharyya

On July 28, 1932, Hiren Bhattacharyya, an Indian poet was born. He is lyricist best for his works in the Assamese literature and achieved many prizes.

Composer V. Kumar

On July 28, 1934, V. Kumar, a film score composer and music director was born. He is known as Melody King.

Musician Ronu Majumdar

On July 28, 1965, Ronu Majumdar, an Indian flautist in the Hindustani classical music tradition was born.

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