Historical Importance of July 7, Major events and that took place today

On this day in 1916, The New Zealand Labour Party was founded in Wellington

1978 Solomon Islands were separated from United Kingdom

On July 07, 1978, Solomon Islands became independent from the United Kingdom. Six major islands and Nine Hundred Eighty Six smaller islands were separated.

2005 London Bombings

On July 07, 2005, three suicide bombers on the London Transport system, more than 35 causalities were reported.

1915 First Battle of Isonzo came to end

On July 07, 1915, a series of battle fought between the Austro-Hungarian and Italian armies in World War I. It lasted for more than two years.

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Jane Elizabeth Conklin

Born on July 07, 1831, Jane Elizabeth Conklin was a 19th Century American poet and religious writer who started her journey in the Utica city of New York. She served as the president of the Women’s Relief Corps of the grand army of the Republic.

George Cukor

Born on July 07, 1899, George Cukor was an American Film Director. He was born in Manhattan city, USA and tested his field in the Comic or Rom-Com genre. George Started the series of comedy movies which were a great hit of that time.

Jon Pertwee

Born on July 07, 1919, Jon Pertwee was an English actor, comedian, entertainer and cabaret performer. In his early childhood he had a soft corner for the artists performing in the cabaret. A conversation with the lead artist aroused his feelings and passion for the cabaret and the English plays.

1969 Canada gave the Final approval for the Official Language Act

On July 07, 1969, Canada’s House of Commons released the final approval for the Official Languages Act by making French equal to English. This law created a ruckus in the city as the Frenchmen didn’t accept this act.

1954 Elvis Presley made a Debut

On July 07, 1954, Elvis Presley made his radio debut as Memphis in Tennessee, USA. The show became the best night show of that time. Elvis made a change in the society and became the youngest person to achieve the award in this category.

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