Newspapers that can enhance your vocabulary for competitive exams

Newspapers that can enhance your vocabulary- SSC 2019 

Reading is always advisable to improve vocabulary. Either you read a good book, any media  text or just a good article, you will acquire the skill of using enriched vocabulary in the right place. Vocabulary plays an important role when it comes to competitive exams. Be it SSC, Banking or UPSC, you need to have  good command on English language to score better. Enriched vocabulary helps in topics like one word substitution , Synonyms and Antonyms.  Click here for read vocabulary

Reading Newspaper will benefit you in two ways – 1. It will enhance your vocabulary. 2. It will also keep you updates with latest current affairs.


Here are the five newspaper one must consider specifically to Improve Vocabulary:

1.The Hindu

The Hindu is probably the best English newspaper in contemporary not just in terms of  vocabulary, but also the kind of journalism they practice. To be more precise about the  vocabulary and writing style of the Hindu, it is one such newspaper which will use the exact  words in replacement to a particular situation. If you have an average command on English and  you want to improve your vocabulary, then The Hindu should be your first preference. If you are 
a beginner, then you must not go with Hindu because you might struggle in understanding what  is written. This paper cost is from Rs 10 to Rs 15 and probably the most expensive, but  absolutely worth its price. 

2. The Indian Express

Indian Express is also a leading English daily. In terms of vocabulary, you will definitely get 
excellent words in the paper which are situational and trending. This paper uses a lot of Jargons ,and hence, makes the copy a little difficult to read. This paper is also not for beginners. 

3. Times of India

Times of India is like a darling newspaper for those who want a wrap of everything. This paper serves the breaking news; articles on lifestyle, entertainment, sports, features, technology etc.  The kind of content it offers targets the common population. You will definitely get a variety of  words because of the variation in the content. So, if you are a beginner, you should start with TOI. 

4. The Statesman

The Statesman is India’s oldest English language newspaper descended with The Friend of India and later merged with The Englishman in 1932. It practices a good quality of Journalism and absolutely not a bad choice to choose for learning good vocabulary. 

5. Hindustan Times

HT is also a good option for beginners to learn good vocabulary. In fact, HT has a lot of times, Published articles on how to improve vocabulary. It is a good choice to make, for learning vocabulary


Reading newspapers is an excellent option to learn vocabulary. Remember, this step is beyond just reading. You literally need to analyse what you read to improve vocabulary. 

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