Events that November 11 Holds in History

Do you know when Gemini 12 was launched? Take a look at the blog.

Maulana Azad committed to building up the education establishment in India and today is recognized as a creator of verses in Urdu, just as compositions on religion and reasoning. Read the blog to know why he is important in Indian history.

National Education Day (1888)

(Maulana Azad with Jawaharlal Nehru)

National Education Day is praised in India to recognize the birth commemoration of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, the first education minister of free India. The Ministry of Human Resource Development reported on November 11 consistently as National Education Day, from 2008 onwards, to praise his works and contribution, without proclaiming it an occasion. Maulana Azad was an Indian researcher, Islamic scholar, and a senior head of the Indian National Congress during the Indian autonomy development. He invested in Gandhi’s goals, including advancing Swadeshi items and the reason for Swaraj for India. In 1923, at an age of 35, he turned into the most youthful individual to fill in as the President of the Indian National Congress.

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Armistice Day (1918)

(A Representation of War)

World War I was a global war originating in Europe that lasted from 28 July 1914 to 11 November 1918. Contemporaneously known as the Great War, it led to the mobilization of more than 70 million military personnel, including 60 million Europeans, making it one of the largest wars in history. It is also one of the deadliest conflicts in history, with an estimated 9 million combatant deaths and 13 million civilian deaths as a direct result of the war. It also resulted in genocides and the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic which caused another 17–100 million deaths.

Launch of Gemini – 12 (1966)

Gemini 12 was a maintained spaceflight in NASA’s Project Gemini which was launched on 11 November 1996. It was the tenth manned Gemini flight and the eighteenth ran American spaceflight including X-15 trips more than 100 kilometers. It was instructed by Gemini VII veteran James and the flight included three times of extravehicular movement (EVA) by the new kid on the block Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, enduring a sum of 5 hours and 30 minutes. It additionally accomplished the fifth meeting and fourth docking with an Agena target vehicle.

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