October 11: International Day of Girl Child

Do you know about the activists who fought for women’s votes in Britain? Read the blog to know about it.

The term Empowerment includes the action of raising the status of women through education, raising awareness, literacy, and training. Take a look at the article to know about the event we celebrate to raise the awareness of women empowerment is all over the world.

International Day of Girl Child

In 2012, October 11,was established as the International Day of the Girl Child (IDGC) by the United Nations for promoting the rights of girls and explaining the several challenges they face. The basic theme of this program is “Innovating for Girls’ Education.” It was decided in 2011, for investing and empowering girls during adolescence and preventing and eliminating the various forms of violence they experience.

Adolescence is a critical period that can determine the trajectory of girls’ lives. It is a stage at which key investments and support can set girls on a path towards empowerment, or when discrimination, recurrent constraints, harmful practices, and violence can send them down a negative spiral with lifelong consequences. However, gender discrimination and social norms put girls at risk of violence, compromising their safe and healthy transition from childhood to adulthood. Violence can begin early in girls’ lives, but the gender dimensions of violence and abuse that is physical, sexual, and psychological are more pronounced in this particular age only.

The IDGC aimed to Empower adolescent girls through education, technical and vocational education, and training as well as life-skills, social support, knowledge, and participation which can end the cycle of violence before it persists, or even before it begins.

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(“My Voice, Our Equal Future”- Motive of IDGC)

Several efforts were taken to end all forms of violence against girls and women to the next level. The focus is on adolescent girls to move them beyond awareness-raising to investments in and support for this critical group that will shape the present and the future. Education and many Global Movement are the tools for their empowerment and to end child marriage. The United Nations conveys the idea that this is time to consolidate good practice and focus on actions and results, paving the way for gender equality and the focus is on to join forces and reaffirm the commitment to end the scourge of violence against adolescent girls and to promote their empowerment by:

  • Investing in adolescent girls to equip them with skills, confidence, and life options: through family, schools, technical and vocational education and training, and health, social, and economic support systems.

  • Making infrastructure, services, and technology accessible to girls and effective in meeting their needs for safety, connectivity, and mobility.

  • Facilitating an adolescent girl’s engagement in civic, economic, and political life.

  • Continuing to advocate for making violence against girls and women visible and unacceptable both in private and public domains.

  • Strengthening data, measurement, and the evidence base in relation to the empowerment of and violence against adolescent girls.

Other Events of this Day

1872 –  Birth Anniversary of Emily Davison 

(Emily Davinson wearing her medal of courage)

Emily Wilding Davison (11 October 1872 – 8 June 1913) was an English activist who fought for votes for women in Britain in the early twentieth century. She was a member of the Women’s Social and Political Union and a militant fighter. During her work life, she was arrested on nine occasions and went on a hunger strike seven times. She died after being hit by King George V’s horse Anme during a race.

2001 – V.S Naipaul got the Nobel Prize

V. S. Naipaul was a Trinidad and Tobago-born British writer of fiction and nonfiction in English. On October 11, 2001, he got the Nobel Prize in Literature for having a united perceptive narrative and incorruptible scrutiny in works that compel us to see the presence of suppressed histories.

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