Explained: What is the Raisina Dialogue?

Raisina Dialogue 2020: Know its inception, objective & theme 

Raisina Dialogue 2020: Raisina Dialogue is one of the biggest and major conferences on geopolitics that was started by India. It is currently underway in Delhi. It started on 14th January and will continue till 16th January.

What is Raisina Dialogue?

It is a flagship conference that began in 2016 and discusses various global topics. It is hosted by a think tank Observer Research Foundation and Ministry of External Affairs, GOI.

The name “Raisina Dialogue” comes from the place in New Delhi called “Raisina Hill”, which is the place where Rashtrapati Bhavan, Prime Minister’s Office, Secretariat Building and other important government offices are located.

  1. It is a multilateral conference that involves the leaders in business, policy, media and civil society. Issues that are important globally and influence international policies are discussed.
  2. It includes all the stakeholders in the global world- such as the head of states, cabinet ministers, local level officers, private sectors, people from academia and media.

Raisina Dialogue 2020

This is the fifth edition of the dialogue. It will see discussions on major issues that are being faced by the global community.

The theme for this year is 21@20 Navigating the Alpha Century. 700 international participants from over 100 countries are taking part this year. Foreign ministers of 12 countries are taking part this year, like Russia, Iran, Australia,  Maldives, South Africa, Estonia, Denmark, Hungary, Latvia, Uzbekistan, European Union, and the Czech Republic.

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40% of speakers this year are women

Role of technology in the modern world challenges to globalisation, 2030 Agenda, Climate Change and Counterterrorism were some of the discussions that took place in the inaugural day.

Broad themes that will be discussed are-

  1.  Nationalist Impulsive Challenge as Global Institutions and Collective Action
  2.  Global Trading Architecture
  3.  Role of technology in data mining
  4. Global Development Agenda
  5. State Individual Relationship in the Age of Digital Communities and Cyberspace
  6.  Political, Economic, and Military Power

The 2019 Theme was “New Geometrics | Fluid Partnerships | Uncertain Outcomes” that took place from 8th to 10th January 2019.

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