How to prepare for the Reading Comprehension & Grammar section of English?

Tips to prepare for Reading Comprehension & Grammar?

In every competitive exam, English is the language subject. Reasoning & Maths are scoring subjects, but a lot of students face problems in English. The language subject needs practice. There are no straightforward rules for the subject & no shortcuts. All you need is – ‘The right strategy’. Two important parts of English subject are Reading comprehension and grammar section, here is how you can prepare for them:

1. The first and the foremost divide the topics according to their weightage. If you will prioritize the topics, then there will be a better understanding of where to start

2. Reading comprehension – It is an important part of the English section in any competitive exam. The theme of the topics depends on the exam you are preparing for. For example, if you are preparing for baking exams, then the passage will be focused on Banking, Economy, Business, Social Issues etc. The weightage of this section remains 7- 10 marks.

How to prepare for Reading Comprehension?

Reading comprehension is an overall test of your abilities. It will test everything from your ability of understanding and critically analyzing the given information to your grammar, vocabulary & even the writing ability.

Steps for preparing it:

Don’t avoid difficult questions while preparing for the exam. There would be questions that will have direct answers and some will take time. Make sure you don’t run away from these types of questions.

Reading speed should be really quick

You cannot take a lot of time while reading comprehension. You need to maintain your speed to complete the exam on time.  Practicing them on a regular basis will make you exam ready.

How to prepare for English Grammar part?

Spoken English and written English are entirely different. You should learn to speak the way you write. Committing mistakes while speaking can be ignored but written needs practice. The most important part is Parts of Speech as it helps you in framing proper sentences.

You can use sentence diagrams to remember all the grammar knowledge you have.  Important topics to cover are:

Tenses, Error spotting, verbs, active and passive voice, articles, prepositions, adverbs, sentence construction, you should always keep a note of the important words that you come across.

Bottom line is that you need to practice on a regular basis to score good marks in English. It needs the right strategy for the preparation.

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