How to prepare for Reasoning Section in SSC CGL Exam?

Tips to prepare for Reasoning Section in SSC CGL

The dates of SSC CGL Examinations area out. The Tier- I exams will be held on 4th June 2019 to 10th June 2019 and the Tier II Exam will be conducted between 11th September 2019 to 13th September 2019. Both of these exams will be online and objective. You need to have good command on the three sections on these exams that are Mathematics, English and Reasoning.

In the previous articles, we have discussed in detail about the syllabus and how to prepare for the quantitative and English section of this paper.

In this article, we will discuss how to prepare for the reasoning section of SSC CGL Examination.

Tips to Prepare for Quantitative Analysis section of SSC CGL 2019

1. Check the Exam pattern

Like every other time, this time also, we will suggest you to first take a deep look at the exam pattern in order to understand and strategize your work plan.

So, if we talk about the reasoning section, this section will be found in the Tier I exam.

Tier I: Reasoning Section

This section has 25 questions with 2 marks each. So, the total marks this section accounts are 50 marks. In tier I, there is a negative marking of 0.5 marks against each wrong answer.

2. Check the Syllabus

So, the next step after checking the pattern is to see the syllabus. Remember, you are not preparing for just a section called reasoning but you are preparing an exam and a section of that is reasoning. So, you have to plan according and they start with the preparation. 


1.    Coding-Decoding

2.    Arrangement

3.    Logic-based – Questions based on logical reasoning and critical thinking.

4.    Non-verbal – Pictorial Analogies, Symbol series, symbolic operations, numeric patterns, spatial relations, space visualizations, Spatial Reasoning, mirror image etc.

5.    Miscellaneous – Questions on Clock, Calendar or any new concept.

On a whole, you can consider the ration of Verbal Reasoning to the Non-Verbal Reasoning to be 7:3.

3. How to prepare?

Now, this is your main task. You know you’re a pattern and Syllabus that means you know what and for what you have to study. Now, you need to know how to study. So, some basic tips are as follows:

1. Work on your Logical Reasoning

Logical reasoning accounts for around 66% of your exam. So, you definitely need to give great emphasis on it.

2. Understand the concepts: 

This is one such section where cramming can really not work. You need to fix your mind and understand each and every concept before taking the exam. There is magic in it. 

3. Build a study plan:

Remember, consistency and time management is the key. You have to prepare for the whole exam and not just the reasoning section. If you will not make a study plan, you will either end up procrastinating or with only a knowledge of reasoning. So, figure out a plan and work according to it.

4. Practice and solve the previous year question papers-

 Even if you know everything but you haven’t practised things well, you will end up losing. So, it is always suggested to practice hard and smart. Solve the previous year papers to get an idea of exam pattern.

So, this is all about how to prepare for the reasoning section of SSC CGL 2019. Prepare your action plan and start preparing for the exam now. We hope that you will excel in your exams.

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