13th February- World Radio Day

World Radio Day celebrates radio as a medium to educate people and promote freedom of speech.

On February 13, the World Radio Day is celebrated globally. This day is organised to support and empower people to use Radio as an effective tool for the mean of communication. The primary objective of World Radio Day is to increase public and media awareness regarding the significance of radio. Also, it is oberved to strengthen the network and international cooperation amongst the broadcasting stations.

Radio Day is a global and not a public observance. UNESCO celebrates World Radio Day every year by planning activities with broadcasters, organisations and community groups around the world.

History of World Radio Day

Even when the radio is over 100 years old, it’s amongst one of the most common sources of exchanging information, providing social communications and educating people globally. Radio was widely used to help people, including young ones, to explore topics which affect them. It can save lives in natural or man-made catastrophic events and offers journalists a forum to investigate, report and tell the truth. The first celebration of World Radio Day took place officially in 2012.

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world radio day

Theme and Significance of World Radio Day

The theme for the World Radio Day 2021 is “New World, New Radio.” The media services offered during COVID-19 were taken into account. The theme is split into three sections.

Evolution: The world is changing, and radio is changing along with it. This subtopic deals with the resilience and longevity of the radio over the years.

Innovation: Radio changes and adapts itself to the changes happening in the world. Radio has to respond to emerging technology to stay a flexible platform that is open and available to anyone and everyone.

Connect: The world is evolving, radio is connecting along with it. This sub-theme focuses on the programmes of radio to our community, such as natural calamities, social problems and pandemics.

The significance of World Radio Day is to focus on how dynamic, innovative and flexible the nature of radio as a platform is. In today’s advent of technologies and development, the internet takes priority over the radio. In today’s time, understanding and recognising the global influence of radio is very much relevant and important.

The older generation of our families fondly remembers being glued to the radio transistors to listen to the news, music, and other things. In today’s rapid era, most of us can fail to understand the unique charm that radio possessed right from the relevant stories to the spectacular commentary. People today have started to use the internet to bing on their favourite music stations and podcasts. With the advent of technological development, radio is losing its significance slowly.

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