Believe in Yourself

If you free yourself from the chains of pessimism you can achieve what you aimed

Hello connections, we are here with a very enterprising and motivational story which will surely change your vision. It is the story of a person named Manjunath. In his early times, Manjunath purchased 3 baby elephants and took care of the elephants. Manju was the only working person, so he travelled miles to earn money that could feed the elephants and manage his living.

When the elephants were naive and young, Manju tied them with a rope on their front leg. Elephants tried a lot but were unable to break the rope. The same scenario continued for several years as they grew old, all three elephants became enormous and the reliable reason for Manjunath.
These elephants became the source of Income for Manjunath.

One fine day, a group of tourists came to that place and saw that elephants are tied to a normal rope which they can break anytime and free themselves from the bond. One tourist got really fascinated with this thing; he enquired Manjunath regarding the observation.
Manju politely answered when these elephants were young and naïve; they tried a lot to break the bond of rope but were unable to break it. So, they believed that they cannot break the bond and after a certain point they quit trying.

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Elephant and rope

Similarly, if a person is bound with pessimism (rope) and quits trying then success cannot be achieved. At every point of time, life gives so many challenges and if we fail in trying then we cannot overcome it.
Once an American Philosopher told “Try until you die,” This Phrase has a very deep meaning, if we easily convince our mind that this thing is not for us, without even trying and striving for it then all we’ll get is depression and failures. We can enrich our minds with optimism and that will surely work in excelling in our domains.

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