December 26 marks the anniversary of the 2004 Tsunami 

History of December 26: Important Events that happened on this day 

Boxing Day Is Celebrated on December 26 

Boxing Day is observed on the second day of Christmastide. It’s a holiday that acquired its name in the 1800s during Queen Victoria’s rule. The name Boxing Day has nothing to do with the actual sport of boxing. The day was traditionally invented as a holiday for gifting essentials to the poor in the form of ‘gift boxes’ and to give a day off to servants and gift them special ‘Christmas Boxes’.

(Boxing Day, 26th December) 

Several charity drives are held and the donation boxes are placed at the church on the day of Christmas and opened and donated the next day. Now, Boxing Day is also considered a shopping day as there are various sales and offers on this day. People love spending time with their families and prepare special meals.

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(Boxing Day Celebrations)

The Indian Ocean Earthquake And Tsunami Of 2004 that still haunts 

The Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami occurred in the west coast of northern Sumatra, Indonesia on a fine Sunday morning of 26th December 2004

It is also known as the ‘Boxing Day Tsunami’ or the ‘Sumatra-Andaman Earthquake’. 

It was an undersea earthquake and it registered a 9.1 quake which ruptured a stretch of the fault line of almost 900 miles. The earthquake occurred due to a rupture along with the fault between the Indian and the Burma Plate. Various tsunamis took place which affected several people along the coastline of the Indian Ocean.

The Indian Ocean Tsunami and Earthquake Of 2004 


The series of earthquakes and tsunamis killed about 227,898 people in almost about 14 countries. The Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami is considered as one of the deadliest natural disasters of the 21st century and was the third-largest earthquake that was ever recorded.

(The After Effects Of The Disaster) 

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