Haryana to conduct final semester exams from 1 July

As per the media reports, all the universities have been told to conduct the final semester exams for the higher and technical courses  in the state.

The examination is to be held in a regular mode and the results will be declared in early August this year. Also, the results of the students who are not in the state currently, the universities will calculate the average of all the previous examinations.

However, for the safety reasons University Grants Commission early had released a set of guidelines for the universities and colleges while conducting the exams. It has been made very clear in the guidelines that all the colleges and universities have to follow all the guidelines set by the UGC to conduct the examination.

Intermediate students to be promoted

Principal Secretary Higher Education, Ankur Gupta has circulated an order stating that students of the intermediate semesters will be promoted to the next academic years with 50 percent weightage of marks of the internal assessment and 50 percent weightage of marks in the previous examinations.

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However, to promote the students in the practical examination an average of previous practical exams will be taken or an 80 percent average of theory examination marks of the previous semester (whichever is higher).

As far as first-year students are concerned they will be promoted based on the internal assessment of the students.

In fear of Covid-19 and stop it spreading all the educational institutions have been closed for months now. Many examinations have been postponed. To not hamper a student’s career the government is finding all the possible solutions to resume the education in the country without wasting the precious time of the students.

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