*History of May 15: From Birthdays to historical events, things that you can’t miss! *

*Here is all you need to know about the historical events happened this day*

Every day has some historical significance in history. Events in the past
have shaped the world as it is shaping now. As we all know, there are many such events that took place in the past and remembering all of them for any
purpose is simply not possible. However, there are events that are
necessary to remember for a specific purpose like competitive exams.
Following are some of the historic events which you need to note down if you are preparing for competitive exams.

*Indian Philosopher Debendranath Tagore born*

Born on May 15, 1817, Debendranath Tagore was a Bengali philosopher and
religious savant. In 1848 he founded the Brahmo religion. was a master of
the Upanishads, he has established the Santiniketan at Bolpur in the
Birbhum district.

*Indian revolutionary Sukhdev Thapar born*

Born on May 15, 1907, in Ludhiana, Punjab, Sukhdev Thapar was an Indian
revolutionary and a senior member of Hindustan Socialist Republican
Association. He played a great role in India’s struggle for freedom. He was
hanged along with Bhagat Singh and Shivaram Rajguru, on 23 March 1931 at the age of 23.

*Indian Actress Madhuri Dixit born*

Legendary Indian actress Madhuri Dixit was born on May 15, 1967 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Madhuri Dixit is one of the loved actresses and still has her devoted fan base even the younger generation still admires her acting and dancing skills. She made her acting debut with a leading role in the 1984 drama Abodh. From 1980-2000, she was one of the highest-paid actress. Apart from numerous awards including six Film Fare awards, the government of India honored her with Padma Shri in 2008. The Government of India appointed her as brand ambassador for the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao campaign. Since 2014, she has been supporting UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) to advocate the rights of children and prevent child labour.

*Indian Actor Nasir Hussain born*

Born on May 15, 1922, in Dildarnagar Kamsar, Uttar Pradesh Nasir Hussain
was an Indian film actor, director and screenwriter. He has acted in almost
500 films.

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*1756 Seven-year war begins*

A seven-year war officially begins when England starts a war on France. On
May 7, 1756, the first official year of fighting in the seven years war.
The British suffered a series of defeats against the French. However, in
February 1763 the war ended with the signing of the treaties of Hubertus
burg and Paris.

*British Retreat to India from Burma*

On May 15, 1942, after having a tough battle and facing defeat in Burma,
British troops finally retreated from Burma to India. The
five-and-a-half-month campaign in Burma let to 1000 miles retreat the
British suffered 10,036 casualties during the campaign.

*1988 Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan *

After eight years of occupation in Afghanistan, Soviet troops finally started
their withdrawal from Afghanistan. In December 1979, Soviet entered
Afghanistan after an internal rebellion begins against the pro-communist
government. Soviet intervention in Afghanistan drained the soviet economy
as there is no official record of the damage Soviet Union suffered but the
American intelligence estimates that as many as 15,000 Soviet troops died
in the war. Afghans who were fighting against the soviet finally took over
control of Afghanistan in 1992.

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