How to combat a lack of concentration and stay focused while studying

Studying in a group helps you to eliminate procrastination, sharpens your study skills, and helps you to learn faster.

Many students face the problem of lack of concentration during their study. This can be due to stress, health issues, pressure, bad mood or other reasons. Let us talk about a few things which help us to maintain our focus while studying. To yield the maximum output while studying.

How many of you have noticed that when you study your concentration tends to fall? Why do you fall asleep or feel sleepy when you choose to read a book?

Why do you find it difficult to concentrate on your task?

The answer to the question lies simply in one word i.e. “Concentration”. The moment your concentration is distorted your mind will be shifted. Your studies, job, university, work and almost everything is influenced due to the lack of concentration. If you suffer from this issue too, then it is high time you resolve your greatest challenge in life. You have to work on enhancing your concentration skills, whether you wish to succeed in studies or prepare for competitive exams.

The following are some of the easy ways of enhancing your concentration.

Deal with your distractions:

We are living in a world of disturbances. Distractions split your concentration. It keeps your brain occupied and decreases your attention span. Every day you encounter distractions through face to face even if they’re Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, Youtube, Instagram or phone calls and texts.

These distractions divert your mind from your studies. It prevents you from achieving your particular objective. The way you learn and the way you process information also has an effect of a distraction even for a one single minute.  It will be very difficult to find the pace once you are distracted. You need to start everything again, just to refresh your mind, when you return to your books. This requires an entirely new endeavour. Thus, the things that distract and overcome you are necessary to recognise.

Keep your phone on, do not disturb while you plan to study. Do not study in a noisy environment, find a calm and peaceful environment to focus on your concentration. Don’t stretch for long hours or take frequent breaks. Create a routine that works for you to stay organised.

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Join a study group as per your convenience;


Studying is even more boring if you do it alone. The maximum time we can devote is 1 hour. However, 1 hour of concentration is not adequate if you take your life goals seriously. Concentration problems emerge with boredom, and this results in ineffective studies. It is, therefore, necessary for you to take a different approach to studies and find out which one suits you the best.

You must join a study group if you are someone who avoids studying alone. Study groups are successful because you have a group of people who want to fulfil the same objectives as yours. The best thing is to connect and learn a lot from one another. Studying alone would be a one-way study process. A group study is a dynamic method in which everyone gets together and helps to boost the performance of one and another.

Studying in a group helps you to eliminate procrastination, sharpens your study skills, and helps you to learn faster. Helps you to think creatively and build strong communication skills.

Set a timeline for yourself:

It is important to develop a timeline to help you find your flow and concentrate when it comes to staying focused while studying. It has rightly been said that people perform much more effectively under pressure. You know that when time constraints are involved, you can’t help or do anything about it, instead, you try to give your best. Let’s say you’re worried about some of the other things constantly. You are distracted all the time. You’re busy dreaming the entire day. And you don’t have a solution for it.

If this is you, it’s usually a smart idea to work within a certain deadline or time frame. Working on a timeline ensures that you can reach your target in the specified time. This allows you to concentrate better. If it is your time to study, then at that particular time, study as hard as you can giving your hundred per cent.

Set up your study area according to your needs:

Your study area is a place where you study. It’s your very own place without any obstructions. It’s where you often sit for hours studying the topics that involve intensive thought and consideration to make logical sense. It is therefore necessary to create a study area where you can sit down and focus. It must be configured in a way that is most convenient for you.

It is essential to use your study area as a favourable area in which your creativity flows. Keep your area of study clean and the equipment and the content required to begin and complete your study.

Find a motivating factor in your life which can motivate you immensely:

Lack of motivation is an ideal attempt to distract people easily. If you don’t sense the motivation in your minds, it’s very easy for you to get distracted. It is therefore ideal for you to discover whatever inspires you the most. Thereby making it convenient for you to stay motivated. And you’re not easily distracted if you’re inspired. This also results in your study being more successful as you want to learn and also helps you to absorb things better.

Having motivation in life helps you to discover your unique blueprint of getting ahead in life. You feel in charge of the decisions you take for yourself. You try to keep yourself motivated during the time of negativity and setbacks. It helps you to develop leadership skills.

Follow a structured time table:

You should plan your studies and prioritise them before you begin. Prioritising your studies refers to include, planning and following a scheduled curriculum. Start with the most complicated topic and shift slowly to the topics that will be simpler. Get the more difficult problems out of the way to make your work easier making you feel relaxed and relieved.

Having a structured time table will make you efficient in your work. Reduce your burden to plan things every day. Most importantly it saves your subsequent amount of time. Helps you in becoming much more proficient towards your work. It also helps in reducing your procrastination. It builds momentum and instils self-confidence in your life.

Avoid studying for excess:

Make sure that you take breaks to study and avoid being overburdened. To be revived, short breaks of 15-20 minutes are necessary. The stress to complete the course can be very high. Take study breaks but don’t take it for too long else you won’t be able to come back and begin from where you left it.

Taking frequent breaks not only acts as a stress buster but it also helps you to maintain your attention and gain your motivation back. You can take a power nap or meditate during this break to revive the cells of your brain.

Take care of your health as well:

Give equal importance to your health and take care of it. Studies are important, but wellbeing is crucially significant. Essence and exercise have a remarkable effect on your analysis. You may lose your overall health because of lack of time and stress, which impact your focus in studies. Daily exercise and healthy food improve your mental health and minimise boredom.

A healthy mind and body make it easier to concentrate on important goals and matters. If something is of no interest to anyone but it holds value and is essential for life, it can be made interesting in various ways. It is more valuable to study in a useful pattern than just reading anything and not understanding its context.

A balanced healthy mind will foster productivity and creativity with increase and effective learning. A calm mind will reciprocate to the fundamentals and concepts better than a stressful mind.

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