How to teach students online? Websites that can help teachers

 The Internet has reduced the distance and made everything doorstep away from us

Technological development has become a blessing for the human race. Everything as at hands distance away from us. There is no place it has not revolutionized in the world, so is the education. Whether you have to make a lesson plan or to learn different ways of teaching and learning methods is just a click away.

Scholastic Teachables

Lessons Plans which can be produced to mini books and differentiated collections, Scholastic Teachables has all the features you need for your daily lessons in every subject. You will find all the possible material at scholastic classroom resources right at your fingertips.

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Book Wizard

Discover material for the books you teach, find books and the authors at just the right level for students with guided reading.

Crayola for Educators

If you like to know more creative ways of learning and teaching students. Then Crayola is the right place for you. They help educators with innovative teaching strategies, parents with tips and techniques and children with colors to make them more creative. You can access thousands of art induced lesson plans that can easily be adapted for virtual experience. Here you will find all you need to supplement learning in every subject.

Scholastic Book Club best source of Books

Founded in 1945 scholastic is the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books.  Their site has an entry for both teachers and parents. Here you can find high quality, low-cost books.

Read Write Think

Apart from dozens of engaging language arts interactive tools, you will find lesson plans, activities and professional development resources.

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Google Earth: easy and best way to know the geography

Learning geography has become fun and easy now. Now you can roam around the Antarctic poles, dive into the Mediterranean, take a tour to Eiffel tower. You can do it all on Google Earth without going outside of your home. This tool will make you feel the world a little smaller. For beginners, there are tutorials available.

Glogster: Best Multimedia Tool

Making interactive posters, pictures, text, video, links and animation. Glogster is the best place to go to. You can make interactive lesson plans for any subject here.

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