Why January 13th holds such prominence? Let’s find out, what all happened on this day? 

January 13th encapsulates many eventful stories. Some might stimulate while some leave us awestruck.

Here, we have some incidents that might help you to ponder over the significance of this day.

Historical events in Indian Contexts 

Lohri Day 

Every year on January 13, India witness a dazzling luminosity. This day is considered in India as a harbinger of prosperity,  sunniness and un-alloyed affection.

 Significance : 

  • Its a festival of farmers in North India, where one could feel a cultural exchange and warmth of pious Fire.

  •  It’s a night before Makar Sankranti.

  • During the festival, at night, the crowd surrounds the Holy Fire and circles it. They exhort for better livelihood, love, good harvest and happiness.

  • They offer foxnut, ladoos of jaggery, and peanuts.

  • They dance on popular folk songs.

  • Many enthusiasts fly kites on this day to show their exuberance.

  • The festival is known by different names in different parts of India. In Bengal, people celebrate it as Makar Sankranti, in Assam, it is called Bihu, in Tamil Nadu, it is known as Pongal, and in Kerala, it is referred to as Pongala.

Birthday of Rakesh Sharma: 1949

Do you all remember a person in the Indian Air Force, in 1970 was commissioned to fly into space aboard the Soviet rocket Suyoz-T1? He was none but Rakesh Sharma who was born in Patiala, Punjab later served in the IAF and became the first and only Indian citizen to do such task.

1964 India Religious Violence

Religious violence involving anti-Muslim rioting in the Indian city of Calcutta has left 100 dead, 438 injured and 7000 arrests with a 24-hour curfew in many areas of the city following arson and looting against Muslims causing 70,000 Muslims to flee their homes and businesses in the city.

International History 

1915- Fatal Earthquake in Italy 

Italy witnessed a deadly tragedy in the year 1915. The massive earthquake killed about thirty thousand people.  The town of Avezzano, which has a population of about 12,000, was destroyed.

1942- Inauguration of Plastic Car 

Ford Motor Company used the Soybean plant to manufacture the first plastic vehicle.

2012 – Cruise Ship Costa Concordia sinks with the loss of 17people. 

The cruise ship, Costa Concordia got collapsed against a sandbar near the Italian island of Giglio and sank. Seventeen people were found dead and other several people were missing.

Famous Personalities’ Birthdays 


An influential spiritual pedagogue George Ivanovich Gurdjieff was born in Gyumri, Armenia.  He stated the fact that neither science nor religion tells the answers of Life’s crucial questions. He was also an eloquent orator. His major work is  ” All and Everything”.


Russian-born American singer Sophie Tucker, “the Last of the Red-Hot Mamas,” was born.


The famous TV personality Robert Stack was born in Los Angeles, U.S.  He’s best known for his role in ‘ The Untouchables’.


An English comedian, actor and musician Mark Robert Bailey, known by his stage name Bill Bailey was born in Bath, United Kingdom.

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