History of June 27: What all happened on this day?

Historical Significance of June 27, along with the important events have taken place on this day

There are so many incidents in history that often amazes us. We are here to accompany you to accomplish your dream of clearing the competitive exams. Following are some of the historical events that happened on this day.


Historical Events in Indian Context


On June 27, 1966, D. S. Joshi was appointed as the Cabinet Secretary of India. He served this position till 31-12-1968.


On June 27, 1995, Environmentalist and ‘Chipko’ leader, Shri Sunderlal Bahuguna ended the 49-day old fast in demand for a scientific review of the controversial Tehri dam project in UP.


On June 27, 2000, Union Minister of State for Social Justice and empowerment, Maneka Gandhi, launched the National Initiative for child protection.

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Birthdays of famous Indian Personalities

Indian Musician R.D Burman born

Born on June 27, 1939, R.D Burman was an Indian music director. He has composed 331 songs from the 1960s to 1990s.

Actress Kartika Nair

Born on June 27, 1992, in Mumbai Maharashtra, Kartika Nair is a South Indian cinema actress. In 2009 she made her debut in a Telugu film Josh.

Tamil Writer Akilan

Born on June 27, 1922, Akilan was a Tamil author noted for his realistic and creative writing style. Akilan was a freedom fighter, novelist, short-story writer, journalist, satirist, travel writer, playwright, script-writer, orator and critic.

International History

1940 Germany employed enigma time coding machine

On June 27, 1940, the Germans set up two-way radio communication in their newly occupied French territory; they employed their most sophisticated coding machine, Enigma, to transmit information. The Germans have established radio stations in Brest and the port town of Cherbourg.

1976, Ebola broke out in Sudan

On June 27, 1976, a factory storekeeper in the Nzara township of Sudan fell ill. Five days later, he died, and the world’s first recorded Ebola virus epidemic was reported in the area.

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