Historical importance of 23rd May: From Birthdays to historical events, things that you can’t miss!

What all happened on this day in history

Every day is filled with a treasure of historical events. Many great personalities, freedom fighters were born and important events took place. Thus, it has shaped the modern society and we often take history for granted our present has been shaped by all the events which have happened in the past. Here are more historical events happened this day.

Indian freedom fighter and Politician C. Kesavan born

On May 23, 1891, C. Kesavan was one of the prominent figures in the Indian struggle for freedom. He was imprisoned for one year for participating in the Quit India Moment. After independence he was elected to Travancore Assembly and became a member of the first cabinet.

Indian politician Mehdi Nawaz Jung born

On May 23, 1894, Mehdi Nawaz Jung was born in Darushifa, Telangana. He was an Indian bureaucrat and was Secretary to the Executive Council during the Nizam rule. He has also served as the governor of Gujarat.

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Indian scientist Prahalad Chunnilal Vaidya born

Born on May 23, 1918, Prahalad Chunnilal Vaidya was a Physicist and Mathematician, he was famous for his work on the theory of relativity. Apart for his contribution to science, he was an educationist.

Chief of Army staff Pran Nath Thapar born

Born on May 23, 1906, Pran Nath Thapar was the fourth Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army. After his retirement from the army Thapar was appointed as the Ambassador to Afghanistan.

1455 War of Roses begins

On May 23, 1455, The Yorkists defeated King Henry VI’s Lancastrian forces at St. Albans in the opening battle of England’s War of the Roses. The dynastic battle between the House of York and The House of Lancaster continued for 30 years.

1871 Siege of Ninety Six begins

On May 23, 1871, after failing to seize the fortified settlement, Major General Nathanael Greene and 1,000 Patriots bid an attack on the vital village of Ninety Six in South Carolina. The siege continued till June 18, making it the longest revolutionary war.

1858 author of the Sherlock homes born

On May 23, 1858, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle creator of Sherlock Holmes, one of the world-famous fictional stories, based on a private detective, was born in Scotland. Apart from Sherlock Holmes he has written many Novels and history. He died in 1930.

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1917 Crisis grows in Austria-Hungary amid hunger and discontent

Due to the hunger and disappointment spread among the civilian and military population of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The crisis started among the government which resulted in the resignation of the Hungarian’s Prime Minister, Istvan Tisza at the request of Austrian emperor, Karl I, on May 22, 1917.

1939 The Pact of Steel signed

On May 23, 1939, pioneering the Axis power, Italy and Germany agreed to a military and political alliance later on Japan also joined. Mussolini nicknamed the pact as “pact of Steel”.

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