History of May 31st: What all happened on this day?

Battle of Jutland between British and Germany started this day

This day sparks the biggest naval battle of World War- I also known as the battle of Jutland British Naval forces encountered a squadron of German ships. Both sides simultaneously opened fire on each other.

From the birthdays of key figures to the other historical events that have changed the world. Following are some of the historical events that happened on this day which you need to know.

Queen of Indore Ahilyabai Holkar

Born on May 31, 1725, Ahilyabai Holkar was the Queen of Maratha Malwa kingdom. After the death of his husband and later of his father-in-law she was crowned as the Queen of Malwa Kingdom. During her rulership, she built hundreds of temples and Dharmashalas throughout India.

Director/Film producer Raj Khosla

Born on May 31, 1925, Raj Khosla was one of the top filmmakers in the country during 1950-1980. He started his career with the legendry cinema personality Guru Dutt and later started makes movies that gained him much success.

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Indian Singer Leela Omchery

Born on May 31, 1929, Leela Omchery, an Indian classical singer and writer. She is most profound for her works in Indian classical music. She was honored Padmashri by the Government of India for her contribution to Indian classical music and dance.

1889 over 2000 died in the Johnstown flood

On May 31, 1889, over 2000 died in the Johnstown flood because of the South Fork Dam in Pennsylvania collapse. Almost all the houses were destroyed by the water and it took 5 years to rebuild the Johnstown.

1902 Boer war ended in South Africa

On May 31, 1902, leaders of Britain and Boer states signed a treaty Vereeniging in Pretoria officially ended the three and a half years South Africa Boer war.

1916 WW I battle of Jutland begins

On May 31, 1916, British Naval forces encountered a squadron of German ships. Both sides simultaneously open fire on each other which ultimately proved to be the beginning of one of the biggest naval battles of World War-I also known as the battle of Jutland.

1929 Ford signed an agreement with Soviet Union

On May 31, 1929, Ford Motor Company signed an agreement with The Soviet Union to produce cars. Till 1928 Soviet Union had only 20,000 cars and a truck factory and was very eager to enter the automobile production. The deal was signed in Dearborn, Michigan on this day.

1941 Germany conquered Crete

On May 31, 1941, Germany successfully conquered the island of Crete after 11 days of battle. Allied forces protecting the island suffered the causality of 1742 men and additional 2267 sailors were lost in the retreat. The Germany lost 4000 soldiers during the battle.

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1962 Nazi SS officer hanged in Israel

On May 31, 1962, Adolf Eichmann, the architect of the holocaust of Jews were hanged near Tel Aviv Israel. Adolf Eichmann’s body was cremated, and his ashes were thrown into the sea.

1977 BBC bans “God save Queen”

On May 31, 1977, BBC bans broadcast of the sex pistol “Gog Save Queen” after 30 years of its release.

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