Online education a boon or a bane

Online education is being provided for major degrees. Is this the right approach?

The pandemic scenario has changed the system from paper media to the electronic media.

Let us first know what electronic media is. Electronic media is referred to the use of technology in terms of studying, by the use of various applications and websites. It is definitely an advantageous situation for the students, where they can actually communicate and educate themselves while staying in their homes. The teaching faculty finds it easy to share the notes and the study materials with the students.

If it acts as a boon but it comprehends and turns to a bane in many other factors. Yes, agreed online education has made the work much easier but it is very difficult to gaze at the screen for a minimum duration of 6-8 hours on a regular basis. Ophthalmologists don’t even recommend looking at the screen for a longer period of time. The harmful radiations coming from the device can harm the eyes and health.

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Online education

online education
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As mentioned above online education is beneficial. One needs not to strive for the data or the loss of the notes; students are not required to do any kind of work on paper and the retention of mind is in a positive way.

v  Online education or the use of electronic media saves time.

v  The entire study data is on screen, so there is no requirement of fiddling with paper handouts.

v  Students need to report on time which inculcates discipline and teaches the value of time.

v  Mind retention is fast.

v  The student to teacher interaction can be considered easy and the time of response is achieved at a faster rate.

Challenges/ Disadvantages

Imagine the situation where one is getting a degree on the basis of online education. Seems strange right? We live in a country where we are not used to modifications; we people want to continue in the same way that it was meant to. But gone were the days where there is no use of technology, but the intelligence level is increasing and the latest technology has surpassed the entire education system.

v  The major challenges will revolve around health issues and eye problems after gazing at an illuminated screen for a couple of hours.

v  Lack of concentration is also the main reason for the interruptions in the study pattern.

v  No use of books may hamper the results.

v  Quality education will not be delivered.

v  Doubt clearing sessions are hectic. The teacher has to take another session with the students after the teacher identifies the common problem among students. The students too have to make the notes to ask in another session.  The teacher has to keep an eye on the screen if any student raises any doubt during the class.

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What can be done? To take the situation back on track, we have to simultaneously complete the syllabus for the degree courses. Some measures need to be taken in favour of students.
The online pattern is quite adaptable but the duration of the lectures should be minimized and the entire focus should not be on the theoretical part. If the teaching faculties could demonstrate the topic using live examples or props, so the students won’t find any hassle if they even missed a particular lecture or they are inaccessible of the notes.


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