The outrage between India and Pakistan

Over the years India and Pakistan fail to establish a cordial relation between them. 

The relations between India and Pakistan is based on political, geographical, cultural, and economical interconnections. India and Pakistan are regarded as the two largest countries in South Asia. India and Pakistan have been sharing a twisted form of relationship for over decades now. We have seen from time to time the level of difficulty and differences these two countries face in maintaining cordial diplomatic relations.

India expects a peaceful, non-violent, friendly environment free of violence and destruction from Pakistan. There are many gaps between the two nations that must be identified. Furthermore, improving bilateral relations is crucial for both sides, as it will ensure strengthening Southern Asia. Which will help in enhancing the economic performance of both India and Pakistan.

Current scenario between India and Pakistan in 2021.

14 February 2019 post-Pulwama Attack, due to the deteriorating relations between India and Pakistan, both sides dismissed themselves from all levels of negotiations and conferences. There was a greater need for an extensive and sustained framework for the settlement of the conflict.

In February 2021, India and Pakistan for the first time signed a joint declaration unveiling that they would comply with the 2003 ceasefire Line of Control (LoC). Both the countries agreed to strict compliance with all treaties, agreements, discontinuation of firing on the Line of Control and all and in all the other fields starting from the midnight of 24th-25th February 2021. To achieve peace along with fair and equitable benefits the two Directors-General of Military Operations decided to discuss each other’s central issues and objections. Which hinders the peace at the border and leads to creating violence

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The Cross-border terrorism between India and Pakistan.

The instability of Indian relations with Pakistan is one of the most significant aspects responsible for cross-border terrorism.

Terrorism from territories controlled by Pakistan remains a central concern for India. India has consistently highlighted Pakistan’s need for reliable, permanent and valid action to end cross-border terrorism against India. Pakistan has yet to present justice to the offenders of the 2008 terrorist attacks of Mumbai, even though they received all the testimony and evidence.

India has strongly asserted that on matters of national security it will not tolerate and compromise anything. As soon as the Indian Army came to know about the involvement of Pakistan in the attack on the army camp in URI, Jammu and Kashmir. In response to the URI attacks. Indian Army conducted an operational surgical strike on several terror organization launch pads across the Line of Control.

India again hit the checkpoint in Pulwama by successfully performing an airstrike in a JeM training camp at Balakot, Pakistan over a cross-border terrorist attack

The Kashmir Conflict 

It is one of the most sensitive topics between India and Pakistan and was a key source of the aggravated relations between the two nations. Article 370 has granted the special legitimate provision to Jammu and Kashmir to have its constitution, a separate flag and a separate set of rules. In August 2019 Article 370 was abolished and scrapped. Jammu and Kashmir now follow the Indian constitution. It was granted recognition as a Union Territory. This move of the Indian Government was strongly opposed by Pakistan because of its desire to possess Kashmir entirely.

The Outraging History of Wars between India and Pakistan. 

There is an integrally connected history between India and Pakistan, both of which are nuclear power countries. Ever since getting independence from Britain in 1947, India and Pakistan have fought an endless number of wars.

  • The First Kashmir War of 1947 – 1948

  • The Sino – Indian War of 1962

  • The Indo – Pak War of 1965

  • The Sino – Indian War of 1967

  • The Indo – Pak War of 1971

  • The Indian Pokhran-I of 1974

  • The Kashmir Insurgency July 1989

  • The Indian Pokhran-II of 1998

  • The Kargil War of 1999

  • The Indian Parliament Attack of 2001

  • The Samjhauta Express Bombing of 2007

  • The Mumbai Attacks of 2008

  • The Pulwama Attack 2019

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