Youngest CEO of India – Suhas Gopinath’

An inspiring story of the youngest CEO of India

There are very few people in this world, who are very passionate about their dreams at a very young age and have the courage to follow it. one may not be successful in the first attempt but the lesson learnt is very important and useful for the future. Suhas Gopinath is one of such inspirational stories that will motivate you in all the possible ways and that following your dreams is always a gamble you can take.

Beginning of his story

Suhas is from the city of Bangalore, Karnataka. His father was a defence scientist and his mother was a homemaker. In his early teenage years, Suhas was teased by his peers for not owning a personal computer. This was his moment when he decided to prove his peers wrong and do something remarkable in life.

It is then, he started to spend Rs 15 from his pocket money on an internet café. The sole purpose of this was to understand everything about the World Wide Web. However, his pocket money was not enough to sustain his explorations towards the world of the internet and that was when he led to his first entrepreneurial negotiations with the café owner. He made a deal with the owner, where he would look after the café when the owner went for a lunch break and Suhas got to browse the internet for free.

This same boy ended up being the world’s youngest entrepreneur of that time. At the age of 14, he founded his own company named Global Inc. The company was about enterprise solutions focusing on cloud and mobile applications. The firm provides innovative solutions on web and cloud, enterprise application development, and product development services for various industries like education, government, media, online, and financial services.

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Obstacles in his path of success

The biggest challenge he faced while starting his own company was to raise investments in order to feed his business. As a result, the hurdle he faced was quite different from regular with respect to his age. It was a tough task for him to convince people to take him seriously. Neither did his colleagues nor investors treated him like a child in the initial days. This was a major setback for Suhas as he was just a normal teenager and did not have a head for business for the world.

But he made sure to take things slow and focused on taking small assignments or projects only, rather the focus was more on portfolio building and then he can think of the bigger picture. The next hurdle was to hire the right people for the company. There was some betrayal of trust and delay in payments but in the end, he got through it the hard way.

Growth and Success Story

One of the biggest USP of Suhas was that he could manage to work with global clients and deliver at the right time. His project, helped him become the world’s youngest certified professional web developer when he was fourteen. His venture and brainchild, Globals Inc, presently operates across 14 countries. In 2005, Gopinath was among the top 175 recipients of Karnataka’s Rajyotsava Award. He was also awarded as the ‘Young Global Leader’ for 2008-2009 by the World Economic Forum, Davos.

Lessons from his Journey

Suhas Gopinath’s is a story of mere hard work and success, proving to the world that age is just a number. He comes from a very simple background who did not have much support in building his career but his determination was commendable that helped him build something from zero. Suhas is also praised and respected for his remarkable work ethics at such a young age. He is a true example of how passion, kindness and persistence can all come together to create history.

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