Anu Kumari- The Gem of Haryana

Anu Kumari, the IAS officer who is inspiring millions


Gone are the days when women were treated as a vessel in a home, now in this competitive world, even women can compete with men and even defeat them.

Challenges or strategies were given with a new dimension and a new shape. She is a mother and if a mother wants to achieve something then history is the proof, women can do wonders. Anu Kumari was born in Sonepat, Haryana on 18 November 1986 in a very conservative yet traditional family.

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After getting a top position in UPSC civil services exam, Anu secured second rank (AIR 2) in All India UPSC examination 2017. From childhood she had a dream of becoming an IAS officer and in order to achieve her dream, she started preparing for the UPSC examination after 10 years of completing her graduation.
She became the inspiration for the IAS aspirants throughout the region.
Anu was a working woman, a wife, and a mother who stepped out to challenge herself.

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Anu did her schooling from Sonipat, Haryana and completed her university education from Delhi University with a Bachelor in Science in Physics, Postgraduate from IMT, Nagpur in Business.


Anu Kumari has liked reading motivational stories since her childhood. She was reading one article about Indira Gandhi which inspired her to pursue her dream of becoming an IPS officer.
Kumari’s family was very supportive and they supported her in every action. This was that time when Haryana was biased in favour of males, Anu stood up and fought for herself and further cracked the exam.

If a woman thinks to challenge the male dominating society, the entire system works against the thoughts and vision of a woman by inclining towards the male preference and beliefs. These were the beliefs of the relatives and people of Haryana, apart from her family no one else stood for her and the result was remarkable in the women’s history. We need inspirational people like Anu Kumari to give a direction for the male-directed society.

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