E-Learning: How absolute it is?

Pros and cons of e-learning. To what extent, is e-learning absolute.

What is e-Learning? Let’s discuss its Pros and Cons to find out how absolute it is.

E-Learning is the computer-mediated process of learning. It is an organized and formulated manner of teaching through computed devices like laptops, Smartphones etc. It is the transmission of knowledge through the internet to a mass audience with different demographics.

It can be of three types-

– Text-driven
– Interactive
– Simulation

In recent times, e-learning has come into extensive use. with the installation of smart classes and opening of various online courses and portals are making learning, accessible to all. This technology is even supported by Chatbots.

The students are now supplied with more e-learning material and recommended to take online training courses which are user-friendly and content-rich. These are even supported by Chatbots. It is available anytime and anywhere, hence making it a consistent and reliable option for learning.

Can there be anything better than a system which can teach you everything, sitting at home in your comfort zone?

To know the answer, let us discuss the pros and cons of e-learning –


Here are the Pros of the e-learning process

1. Anywhere, anytime

E-learning is a flexible format of learning where you can learn at your comfort hour. You just need a device and access to the internet to play your sessions.

2. Cost-effective and time-saving

Online courses are much cheaper than any of the offline course of same standards. Also, you don’t have to travel from your home to school or coaching centers. Hence, It saves time and energy spent on travelling.

3. Wider Reach

The e-learning platforms have a much wider reach as compared to a classroom of 30-40 students. It is accessible by anyone who has a desire for learning.

4. Connectivity with experts: Distance learning

The e-learning platforms have made it possible to connect with an expert all over the world. Several e-learning sites pull in the expert for teaching and offer direct interaction with them. For places which don’t have schools or adequately qualified teachers, distance learning is the best option.

5. Gives you 100 per cent attention

Some people don’t like studying in groups and are not comfortable to face failure in public. E-learning allows them to retrospect for themselves in isolation.


Though, this technology appears very attractive, still, it has some cons which are as follows –

1. One-sided communication

E-learning is a one-sided communication. It is only the course, which is telling you what to learn, and you, without questioning, grasps it, the way it is told. Although these platforms have started including chatbots which provide an opportunity to ask queries, they are not as efficient as humans.

2. Technical skill

To access the benefits of e-learning, it is important to have technical proficiency. One cannot expect a person, who doesn’t know the basic operations of computers to operate these online courses.

3. You are your own boss

You can choose your favourite course from a pool of courses according to your preferences and choices. Further, you will access that course according to your preferred time. If you have a habit of procrastinating, then there is a big scope that you will not access it. These courses require high inquisitively and nerdiness to learn. These portals will give you continuous reminders and alerts, but can’t physically check and promote you to access them.

4. Isolation from the real world

These courses can be consumed in isolation. But can we say, a sound growth can be accounted in isolation? No. For profound learning, real-life exposure and human interaction are highly important and online learning fails at this place.


Education is a long life process and learning is a part of it. Basic human interactions, daily life experiences, moral development, physical education and technical learning complete education. E-Learning can be a good source for technical learning but will strive when it comes for a good education.

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E- Learning: How Absolute it is?
Article Name
E- Learning: How Absolute it is?
Pros and cons of e-learning. To what extent, is e-learning absolute.

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