Top 10 facts about Indian Education

Indian education system is one of the most amazing education systems. Here are the top 10 facts about the Indian Education System.

Indian Education & how it is developing? 

Indian Education forms one of the most quality rich education systems among the Developing and the developed nations. The country has more than a million schools and around 36000 institutes for higher education. The literacy rate and the sex ratio in the schools have improved considerably in the past few years.
 The Indian education system can be seen as a progressive education system in the world which is experimenting for the betterment. The recent budget released by Modi 2.0 government dreams to make Indian education system, world class education. Let us see the top 10 facts about the Indian Education System.

Top 10 Facts about Indian Education System

Here are the top 10 amazing facts about Indian Education

1. World’s Largest school: City Montessori School

The Largest School of the World is the City Montessori School situated in Lucknow, India according to the new edition of Guinness Book of World Records. The school was founded in 1959 by Bharti and Jagdish Gandhi with just 300 borrowed rupees and a total of five students. The school now serves around 40000 pupils and have more than 2500 teachers.

2. World’s oldest running University: Nalanda University

Nalanda University is World’s oldest running university established in Taxila aka Takshashila in between 600-500 BC with 68 subjects to study. Originally, it was established during the Gupta Dynasty Period. Later, many Buddhists started teaching the pupils and the university was highly influenced by Buddha Ideologies. The university remained closed till the time President, Late A.P.J. Abdul kalam proposed the reviving of the university in 2006. Later, in 2014, the university revived its existence with 15 students.

3. IIT Kanpur: An institute with its own airport

IIT Kanpur has its own airport called Kalyanpur Airport. It is used by students of Aerospace Engineering Department of IIT Delhi. Pawan Hans also started a Helicopter service to Lucknow from Kalyanpur Airport from June 2013.

4. National Institute of Technology Karnataka: It has it has its own Beach

The NITK Campus in Karnataka has a private beach located within the campus. Although, there is a gate which provides a lush green passage from the NITK campus on to the beach. But, the beach is accessible from everywhere outside NITK. It is situated on 250-acre land by the shore of Arabian Sea. The students are allowed to visit the beach even after the closing hours of the campus.

5. IGNOU : Largest Open School for Learning

The Indra Gandhi National Open Institute (IGNOU) is one of the largest schools for learning. It is the largest university in the world with around 4 million students. It has 21 Schools, 67 regional networks and 29 overseas centres across 15 countries. It is run by central government of India.

6. Can anyone do MBA right after Grade 12? Yes!

Indian Institute of Management, IIM, Indore offers a special program called Integrated Program in Management. It is a 5 year course which will provide a degree of Masters in Business Administration. The course format is simple. In the first three years, the course will include the graduation syllabus and the next two years will cover the syllabus of masters. There will not be any test in between the phases.

7. Banaras Hindu University: Largest Residential Campus in Asia

BHU is the world’s biggest residential university. It caters more than 20000 students for higher Education. The land of the university was donated by Kashi Naresh, the hereditary ruler of Banaras. It measures up to 1,300 acres. It serves 6 institutes and over 60 hostels. First Vice-president and second President of India, Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan served as the Vice-Chancellor of BHU until January 1948.

8. 2 – IITs and IISc joined the top 200 of (QS) World University Rankings 2018

Two Indian Institute of Technology branches – IIT Delhi and IIT Bombay along with Indian Institute of Science are ranked among the top 200 of Quacquarelli Symonds Ranking of World universities in 2018. No university from India was added in this list before this.

9. Bethune College : Oldest Women’s college in Asia.

 India has first Women’s college in Asia called Bethune College. It is located in Kolkata. The moto of the college is ‘Viddaya Vindatey Amritam’.

10. Rajasthan has maximum number of universities

According to the latest list of University Grants Commission as of 2016, Rajasthan has the maximum number of universities including the private and government affiliated universities.


The Indian Education System, is one of the growing education systems. It has the capability to create foundation for world class education. The goal of the present government and the educational institutes in India works to cater a quality education. India has improved the education quality by many folds. It is doing great among the Developing countries and if the rate of growth remains the same, it will be the finest education systems.

For more such articles, stay tuned with Own TV.

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