5 Simple Tips to lead a stress-free life

Ways to beat stress and look at life more optimistically

What is stress? As most of the students have a fear or examinations and they start to think in the adverse direction and this is the reason that people have stopped valuing their lives. Stress is nothing but a phenomenal flow of emotions which makes you frustrated, angry and even nervous on small things. A person suffering from stress would be equally suffering from hypertension, insomnia and various other health-related issues.

5 steps to eliminate stress completely from your life

Your words speak where mind fails; words speak up, in any form be it writing, speaking, or presenting oneself in front of others, words play a major role in countering stress, so any exam-related stress can be easily resolved when we speak up the query. According to motivational speakers and doctors, whenever you have any sort of problems they first tell to elaborate your issue and you won’t believe speaking only clears half of the problem. What medicines cannot do, sharing the issue with someone solves the purpose.

1. Start thinking optimistically

how to lead a stress free life

Stress always comes in a pessimist mindset so enrich your knowledge and polish your thoughts with optimism. Let’s quote this with a very good example of a man with three kids out of which two were twins, so one day all three kids started crying together which made the man in an exasperating farrago situation, so he countered the stress by playing a game in that situation, he told all the three kids to cry one by one like turn wise and slowly the tears turned to moments of happiness. So similarly the three kids are the three multiple problems projecting at the same time, the man in the picture is the student’s mind which creates a ruckus if stress is not relieved.

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2. The musical therapy

how to lead a stress free life

Music is something which can relax your mind, and suppress stress with energy and happiness immediately. It’s a saying when we are stressed, we deluge ourselves in overthinking which leads to the flow of emotion that ends with tears and sleepless nights. When one undergoes an exam pressure and gets the feeling that whatever they are going to memorize, they’ll forget at the time of examinations, then it is recommended to listen to some heavy base music like rock and metal music, this type of music is played the mind changes the thought direction and makes you groove on the music and will relieve the pressure.

3. Challenge your creativity

how to lead a stress free life

The best way to deal with stress is to involve yourself in things you are good at, be it cooking, drawing or any other thing. But make sure that you do with perfection. Here sharing a small incident, it’s a story of a depressed woman who lost her family and her job. Only she was left with a home and her favourite corner “kitchen.” She indulged herself in cooking and used to present that item so good that one could easily drool over it, later, she was called in the global events and this is how she countered stress. So similarly, if an exam aspirant does chores apart from only studying, then the mind will function more actively.

4. The body is fit and so the mind

how to lead a stress free life

A fit body is also a factor which contributes to a healthy mind. If your body is fit then the mind responds actively countering all the negative thoughts. If the body is physically fit, then the mind finds the approach in that direction and further guides you to the healthy intake and removes toxicity from the body. Physical fitness is something which goes hand in hand.

5. Organize and prioritize

Stress usually enters the brain when you are equipped with multiple thoughts and workload. As a student or any exam aspirant, this is a very basic and important step to prioritize the things and give equal time to everything. This will inherit the habit of maintaining a time table which would work in future.  You tend to devote your concentration on a single task and boom another task is on your desk with a fixed timeline. This initiates stress, so avoid doing multiple tasks at a restricted time frame. If you prioritize the work and accordingly complete it, the results will be amazing.

If you practice these tips and tricks on a daily basis, the level of stress and anxiety will be very low and your mind will be focused which would further lead to optimistic thoughts, self-confidence and approach towards critical problems. If you are happy from inside you tend to radiate happiness

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