List of Important Articles from the Indian Constitution- SSC 2019 2.0

The constitutions of India have 448 articles in 25 parts 12 schedules, 5 appendices and 100 amendments. Here are the most important articles of these.

Important Articles from the Indian Constitution 2.0

The Indian constitution consists of several articles, each of that is important in different places. We have shared the list of first 5 articles which are important for competitive exams. The next 5 articles are present below – 

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1.  Article 21 A: Right to Education

Right to Education is a fundamental right which ensures equal and quality education to all children. 
• Children below 14 years of age should get free and compulsorily education. 
• It was enacted on 4 August 2009. 

2. Article 30: Right of minorities to establish and administer educational institutions

This article assists with the educational rights of minority communities. It states that all minorities, weather-based on religion or language shall have rights to educational institutions of their choice.
The article ensures that the State shall not, in granting aid to educational institutions, discriminate against any educational institution on the ground that it is under the management of a minority, whether based on religion or language.

3.Article No. 38:- State to secure a social order for the promotion of the welfare of the people

This article involves the functioning of the state in protecting and the social order which includes justice, social, economic and political matters. It should involve informing all institutes about national life. The state shall particularly strive to minimize inequalities. 

4.    Article No.40:- Organization of village panchayats

This article states that the state shall take steps to organize panchayats. It should give them the authority to function as a unit of self-government. 

5.    Article No. 44:- Uniform Civil Code for the citizens

Article 44 states that the state should establish a Uniform Civil Code. The Uniform Civil Code refers to the replacement of personal laws. The article touches the areas of public law and covers marriage, divorce, inheritance, adoption and maintenance. 


These are the next 5 articles which you must prepare for your competitive exams.

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