Tips & Tricks to do last-minute Exam Preparation -SSC 2020

Tips & Tricks to prepare for Competitive exam at the last moment

Last minute exam preparation becomes very important,  especially if you want to score good marks. A lot of times student feel confident, but it is important to do revision at the last moment. It will help you score better.


(Tips and tricks to Prepare for Competitive exam)

Here are some tips for good last-minute preparation:

1) Organize your notes well

You can use apps such as exam prep, OwnTV etc or organize your notes well so that you can easily spot out what to revise or see at the last moment and what not to. You have notes handy.

2) Stay away from distractions and revise in your head

Do not try new topics at the last moment. It could make you nervous, it is better to stick to the topics you have already prepared.

3) Plan your study well

Use colour for the books and make a good plan as to on how you will arrange your last-minute preparation.

4) Don’t get stressed 

 Breaks are helpful in the last minute. At the last minute, if you exhaust yourself or will stress,  you will end up messing up everything.

5) Tea Breaks are important 

 Tea and coffee breaks are important. It will keep you rejuvenated and help you to concentrate better.

6) If you have already prepared its very easy for you to revise at the last moment

 Just revise some MCQs and be confident that you are well aware of GK questions and see some for logical reasoning and maths too.

7) Revise from mock papers

Mock papers or previous years papers are very important. It is seen that a high percentage of questions come from previous year papers.

8) Do not neglect your health

Keep yourself healthy by having a balanced diet that you don’t feel unwell and tired while giving the exams .

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