English Section strategy for SSC CHSL

Effective Tips for Better Preparation

The countdown has started for CHSL exam which is going to be conducted in shifts from 1st July to 26th July across multiple test centers. With the English section occupying 25% of the total exam, it is important to prepare effectively to maximize your score in this section too.

English section contains total 25 questions. Each question carries 2 marks and a -0.5 marks are allotted for every wrong answer. The English section is part of Tier I exam only and not involved in any of the other two stages. In this article, we provide you effective tips to scale up your preparation for better performance in the SSC CHSL Exam.

The questions can be broadly classified under the following topics:

  • Fill in the blanks
  • Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Idioms and Phrases
  • One Word Substitution
  • Spelling Test
  • Sentence Correction
  • Error Spotting
  • Cloze passage
  • Reading Comprehension

Fill in the blanks

Look at the flow of the sentence, if it is in the active or passive voice. Whether the tense of the sentence is past, present or future. Chose the most suitable option from the ones that are given. One that gives meaning to the sentence.

Synonyms and Antonyms

Words with similar meanings are called synonyms. Words with meanings opposite to each other are called antonyms. Look for the ones that are often repeated in previous year papers and those that are used often in the day to day life.

Idioms and Phrases

Solve previous years question papers and prepare a list of the idioms and phrases used in them(some of them are repeated). Get the hang of the idioms and phrases that are commonly used in English literature and media. Find the meanings of idioms and how they are used in a sentence.

One Word Substitution

In these types of questions, a single word is marked and the most suitable word amongst the given 4 options must be chosen to replace it. Usually, there is a grammatical or spelling error in the marked word.

Spelling Test

A word with incorrect spelling is given. You need to choose the one that has the correct spelling among the given 4 options. Consult a dictionary or Google (whatever suits you) to create a list of words with confusing spellings. Revise the list by writing down their spellings as in dictation.

Sentence Correction

As stated you shall be given a sentence that has a flaw in it. This is a grammatical error that should be replaced with one of the given options that is correct. Read the whole sentence carefully. Any part that is not in coherence with the sentence is the answer.

Error Spotting

Usually, a part of the sentence (phrase or word) is grammatically incorrect. You need to find that part. The usual mistakes include wrong tense, wrong spelling, incorrect sequence of words, etc.

Cloze passage

A passage with a few blanks (usually 5) is provided. You have to fill these blanks using one of the given options. Choose the most appropriate word according to the flow of the passage. Eliminate answers that are not suitable. Your answer must connect what is given before and after the sentence, evoking a clear meaning.  

 Reading Comprehension

This section includes a passage. Critical questions are asked, based on the passage. Questions based on the title, major theme of the passage, author’s view or conclusion of the passage is usually asked. Practice at least one passage daily and answer questions based on your analysis.

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