How to develop time management skills for competitive exams?

Effective Time Management Tips and Tricks

Competitive exams help you pursue a career of your choice. But most competitive exams come with a rigorous syllabus which requires more hours of studying. Besides, these exams have a specific time limit and you need to complete everything on time, thus, making it more difficult to crack. Even with good preparation, some students fail because of their lack of time management skills. Students often answer less than what they know that affects their total score. All competitive exams are time-bound, and thus, it is vital for you to know how to manage your time well. Competitive exams test not only your knowledge on the subject but also your efficiency. If you are sitting in one or more competitive exams, here are some excellent tips to help you develop your time management skills –

1. Efficient Study Plan

The first step to time management is to make an efficient study plan for yourself which suits you the best. The study plan should be flexible and offer you variety so that you do not get overwhelmed or nervous looking at the huge syllabus. Do not study one subject throughout the week. Try to add 2-3 subjects into the mix to make your studying sessions more interesting.

2. Speed up the Learning Process

If you continuously just keep mugging the syllabus but not understand a single work from it, then it is clearly wasting your time. You need to study in such a manner where you read something for not more than thrice and it is saved in your mind. To speed-up the learning process, you can use revision notes, mock tests, online tutorials and others so that you are revising what you have learnt thoroughly.

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how to manage time for competitive exams

3. Learn Shortcut Methods

Solving complicated questions might take up a lot of your time in the exam. If you learn shortcut methods, you can complete the paper in a stipulated period of time. There are various shortcut methods that you can use to solve tough questions quickly. So, when you practice, use only shortcuts so that you get into the habit of using them unconsciously, helping you speed up during the actual exam.

4. Memorize Tables and Formulas

If you are sitting for any competitive exam, you need to know tables and formulas by heart to help you save time. Try to practice doing calculations in your mind rather than writing them down to help you save precious time during the exam. Memorize important tables that will help you answer complicated questions quickly too.

5. Practice from Online Tests

One of the best ways to improve your timing is to give online tests. It will also help you identify your weak and strong points so that you can rectify them before the exam. Giving mock tests also reduces your chances of making silly errors that can lower your overall score.

6. Be Honest with Yourself 

When you create a plan, make sure that you stick to it. If you fail to adhere to it, you will only end up paying for it during the exam. Be sincere and put in all the efforts to make sure that you are rewarded with a good score in the end.

Students who can manage their time effectively can only achieve success in competitive exams. As mentioned earlier, competitive exams not only judge from your marks but also on your efficiency to finish the paper. Competitive exams are nothing but a race, not just against competitors but against time as well. So, good time management skills can help you succeed in any competitive exam that you sit for. Instead of blindly following others, it is crucial that you think about your requirements to master your skills.

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