How to prepare for SSC CGL with a full- time Job?

Tips & Tricks  to prepare for SSC CGL with a full-time job

How to Prepare for SSC CGL is a commitment in itself and it requires your mental devotion. However, how the preparation is done is what makes the difference. People can spend years trying preparing for the exam only to be ranked with a person who cleared the exam with a 9-5 Job alongside. The strategy can make a huge difference. If you are planning to prepare for the SSC exam with a Job alongside, OWNGuru has specially formulated a list of tips and tricks to help you prepare your strategy:

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how to prepare ssc cgl

Step 1: Devise a timetable

Considering you spend 8 hours at your workplace, you will be able to devote around 5 hours to prepare for the exam along with weekends. If this time is utilized smartly in a systematic manner, you will be able to clear the exam with flying colours.

Break down your study timings according to the topics you plan to cover for the day instead of sitting down for 5 hours at a stretch.

Try covering important topics in the morning when you are fresh and you have your peak mental capacity to devote.

During the day, while you are having your lunch, close your eyes and try to recall what you studied in the morning. When you’re able to recall what you’ve studied, your self-confidence will get a boost.

Try to assess the knowledge from the previous week at weekends by attempting mini-mock tests online.

Switch between General Awareness, Logical reasoning, Quantitative aptitude and English Comprehension if you get bored studying the material from the same genre.

Switch mediums too! Read notes, watch videos, attempt topic-wise quizzes to maximize the most of your concentration span.

If you are extremely confused about your preparation strategy, many coaching centres offer a weekend batch for preparation which you can enrol yourself in. However, just like one size does not fit all, a different personalized strategy might suit you better than coaching centres since all preparation material is available online.

Step 2: Stick to the Syllabus

With plenty of content available online, it is very easy to deviate from the syllabus while studying. Be sure of what you need to study. Refer to the syllabus and questions from the previous year papers.

Step 3: Use your phone to make your future and not break your future.

Your mobile is a device which can really impact your preparation for the SSC exams.

Follow OWNGuru on social media platforms used by you to get familiar with the current affairs of the day important from the SSC perspective as you browse through your feed.

 Use phone apps such as OWNGuru and browse through notes and tests while commuting.

Make sure you keep a distance from your device and put it on silent when you sit down to prepare.

Step 4: Learn the essential tips and tricks to help you run breeze through the syllabus

Creating mnemonics (making an acronym, phrase or song of important information) helps remember theoretical material easily and helps retain information for a longer period of time.

In the quantitative section, learning Math’s formulas and shortcuts will help you not only manage your time effectively while preparing for the exam but will also help you manage your time well during the exam.

For English, you will realize that the more time you spend reading current affairs, GK material and articles. Your Vocabulary and English skills will improve automatically but this does not mean you neglect the subject.

Step 5: analyze your strengths and work on them accordingly

When you are preparing for the SSC with a limited time frame, you should identify your strengths and weaknesses. Since SSC does not have sectional cut-offs and has negative marking. You need to be very sure of choosing the right answer.

The tier-1 exam needs to be completed in 60 minutes and hence you should attempt the section you are strongest in first to collect maximum marks early in the exam.

Step 6: Mock tests! Mock tests! Mock Tests!

Mock tests give you a dose of reality and eventually help you boost your confidence.

Mock tests are the only ways to learn time management effectively.

Various apps and websites such as OWNGuru provide mock test papers topic-wise and tier-wise too.

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