April 10 in history: What all happened on this day?

Historical Significance of April 10 & take a look the events happened on this day

Everyday has some historical significance in history. To know what has happened on 10th April here is the chronological order of global historic events.

1899 Asif Ali Asghar Fyzee

Indian educator, jurist, author, diplomat, and Islamic scholar Asif Ali was born in Matheran, Maharashtra. He is considered as one of the pioneers of the modern Ismaili studies. In 1962, President of India awarded him with Padma Bhushan, India’s third higher civil award.


1901: Dhananjay Ramchandra Gadgil

Ramchandra Gadgil was born in Nagpur, Maharashtra in 1901. He was an Indian economist and has served as the chairman of the Planning Commission of India. Ramchandra is credited with contributions towards the development of Farmers’ Cooperative movement in Maharashtra. Honoring his constructive efforts. The Indian government issued a commemorative postage stamp in his honor in 2008.

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1945 Mani Shankar Aiyar

10 April 1945 was born in Lahore Pakistan. He is a politician and former civil servant diplomat. Aiyar is a member of the Indian national congress party and represented the Mayiladuthurai constituency of Tamil Nadu in the 10th Lok Sabha, 13th Lok Sabha, and 14th Lok Sabha.

Nakkeeran Gopal

(10 April 1959) Nakkeeran is a veteran journalist from Tamil Nadu. He came into late light when he interviewed the most infamous sandalwood smuggler Veerappan, who was hiding in the forests of Tamil Nadu. He is the editor and publisher of Tamil political investigative journal Nakkheeran.

Global Historical events

1866; ASPCA founded

The American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is founded in New York by philanthropist Henry Bergh.

1834: Torture chamber uncovered by Arson

A fire at the LaLaurie mansion in New Orleans led to the discovery of a torture chamber were enslaved workers are tortured and brutalized by Delphine LaLaurie.

1865 General lee gives the final speech

One day after surrendering to Union General Ulysses S. Grant. Confederate General Robert E. Lee addresses his army for the last time

1919 Emiliano Zapata assassinated

Leader of the peasant and indigenous people during the Mexican revolution Emiliano Zapata is ambushed and shot dead in Morelos by the government forces.

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1941 Croatia declared independence

German and Italian leaders’ set up the independent state of Croatia and place Nationalist leader Ante Pavelic’s Ustase, in control of the state.

1942; Bataan Death March

The day after the surrender of the main Philippine island of Luzon to the Japanese, the 75,000 Filipino and American troops captured on the Bataan Peninsula begins a forced march to a prison camp near Cabanatuan. During this infamous trek, known as the “Bataan Death March,” the prisoners were forced to march 85 miles in six days.

1945 Liberation of the Nazi concentration Camp

The Allied forces liberate the Nazi concentration camp of Buchenwald north of Weener, Germany.

1963 USS Thresher sinks in Atlantic

The USS Thresher, an atomic submarine sinks in the Atlantic Ocean killing the entire crew on board.

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